France tanks after 3.7

This is a huge gap. What do you guys do? Just jump to 5.0+ with all 3 vehicles at once?
Maybe it’s ok for players fond of light tanks?


5% discount coupon for Panther “Dauphiné”

I might just take you up on that, WT.


Well, I unlock enough until I can get a new line-up.

You can also make a Air Support Line-up at 4.3 with the P-63, YaK-3 and the AMX-13 SPAA.
The M10 as TD and the AMX-13 FL11 as light are still quite effective.

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Looking at their tech tree, as it is now, France is in a bit of a mess in the mid-ranks. I suppose the SA50 would be my first priority, then grabbing the ARL-44 and E.B.R (1951) to make a working 5.3 lineup. Finally, just pick up the SPAA and start working towards their 6.7.

I sometimes play a very poor 4.3 lineup with the Lorraine 155, but that’s just a guilty pleasure.


Man, that Lorraine 155 sounds sweet. Sadly it’s an event vehicle and can’t even be found on Marketplace. The light tanks are kind of stranded without it. There’s a 4.7 premium, but aside from that, what you suggest sounds like the right way to go.

@KillaKiwi Sounds like RB. Haven’t ventured into that mode quite yet. Sounds like a suitable strategy for that BR though. You might be right about that M10 pairing.

Just had to make the jump.I saved my SL waited until the sale when everything was 50% off and went for it.I got the M4A1 FL10 which was a good start and the EBR.If I remember the M4 Jumbo was only 5.3 before the clowns nerfed if out existance and it fitted nicely with the rest of the line up so I had to go ARL 44 which despite being huge has a good gun ,shame its down as a SP and not a heavy tank.France is a good example of how destructive randomly and constantly shifting BR is to the game and how it plays havoc to a player trying to settle into the game.Amx 40 fits neither 3.7 or 5.0 now.M36b2 drags all your 5.0s into 6.7 in most games.3.7 and 5.0 France needs BR moves to help it and that is why Gaijin should not bow to the kill stats like it does.Same story with UK.


Christmas sales soon good time to jump across.France at 5.0 is actully good fun if Gaijin will leave the line up alone.

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The jumbo is still 5.3. Researching it now. But I dont’ know. Maybe some other things changed. That’s my biggest worry is you put a tank in, and then you drag your much lower br tanks up a tier from your top tank. It’s not like the other countries that have depth at most BRs where you can gradually add a tank or two as you research mods while keeping the same relatively even BR across each tank slot.

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More land-lease. It needs it. Maybe some french modified by germans tanks. Because France needs them much more than Germany does.

My M4A3E2 is 5.7 for France in GRB. My CAS at 5-6 is still a P47 Premium at 3.7, can’t find anything better.

I agree it is a big jump. I am not sure how anybody does the Heavy tank BP missions as France at the at BR.


Playing France at 5-6 is a challenge and it makes you play a different way to say Russia or Germany but I enjoy it. Hang back with those M4s they have good guns but little armour. ARL is actually quite good at long distance sniping.Maybe pick up the Premium Panther in the sale if funds allow and Gaijin havnt raised its BR through the roof.

Yeah, most of the smaller nations have larbe BR gaps where you’re better off researching multiple vehicle’s before making the BR jump so that you have a full lineup.

It happens again at 6.7 for France.

Or play single vehicle lineups so you can one death leave.

I have it and you are not missing much. Very long reload, slow gun, and thin armor. It is mobile at least.

Sounds awesome to me, man. I like the odd ones.

I wouldn’t get the Dauphine. You’ll be exposed to 6.0 matchmaking and there’s nothing to pair with it. If it was still 5.7 it would have been more then worth it.

Otherwise, we still have a decent list of domestic prototypes and imports to help that can be added to fill the gap. But it’s clearly not the biggest priority for development.
Laffly artillery trucks, Panhard vehicles like the 201, and perhaps the G1P being examples.
3.7 - 5.0 & 5.3 isn’t that bad to be honest though.

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Oh I was only considering the Dauphine because of the courteous WT 5% coupon, but thanks for the tips. Advice sounds solid.

The ELC-Bis is often overlooked, but at 6.0 its Heat round pens all. Although only has 2 crew and lightly armored, it can be a great vehicle especially in a downtier!

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Overlooked probably because it’s in a weird spot on the tree. I wonder if they just don’t have enough other vehicles in Rank 4, so they squeezed them in there

It is, but my lineup only has that,the AMX 10 SPAA and the skyraider. At 6.0 it goes against 5.7 many times.

Might get 50% off in the xmas sale

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