France tanks after 3.7

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Yes, 3.7 is soooo much fun with the M4A4, ARL-44 (ACL-1) and LVT or D.520 or something. I ran that until I unlocked the ARL-44 and M4A4 (SA50) then later the EBR, great 5.3 lineup. I basically ran that lineup until I unlocked a couple 7.7’s. The 5.7 - 7.3 tanks were just aweful, dreadful tanks, but you are mildly rewarded at 7.7. Then anything after is also dreadful so basically learn to love 5.3 and 7.7

This is probably the worst of the French 5.x BR tanks. the ARL-44 is probably one of the best tanks at that BR with almost 250mm of pen, youll pen UFP of panthers.

It’s overlooked because it’s an aweful tank. The OCC 60-62 is the WORST HEAT round in the game with at times zero spall. The OCC 60-62 is why many skip the French 6-6.7 tanks. The ELC also only has two crew, limited turret traverse, and is considered a TD so it doesnt get scout ability making it pretty useless to bring along when you look at other options.