France Rank VII Ground Lineups

For those not familiar, here’s the state of high tier France Ground:

I’m about to break into Rank VII, and there’s a very obvious problem sitting in front of me. Well, on top of the lackluster performance of the Leclercs, but that’s a seperate issue.

If I want to grind Rank VIII effectively, I have literally three options for a lineup. Two copy paste Leclercs, and a SAM that can’t look up. That’s it.

It should be obvious this is unacceptable. Of course, future additions to the line may solve this, but in the meantime it would seem to be very easily remedied.

My proposal is simple. Move the AMX-32s and the AMX 40 to Rank VII, behind the AMX-30. It’s all part of the same design linage, it makes more sense for them to be there than off the Surbaisse. Save that line for the eventual Leclerc prototypes.

We can also consider moving the SANTAL up too, but the presence of the Roland makes it less important IMO (Even though it looks like the SANTAL is definitely preferable to the Roland).

This, along with the addition of the Vextra in the upcoming patch, creates a very solid 9.7 lineup in rank VII. I’m aware that Rank VII is usually reserved for 10.0 and up, but there are exceptions (Germany’s 9.7 lineup is all Rank VIII). If and/or when some ~10.0 BR tanks can be found for France, this can be reverted.

Also, while I’m on the topic, buff the AMX-32-105 already. It’s not only objectively worse than the standard AMX-32, but also the AMX-30 Super and the other slew of similar 9.3 MBTs (Leo 1A5 etc). Just give it a reload buff as was promising in the devblog on it and be done with it already.

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