France needs a new gold coin car

France needs a new gold coin car
The NEX105 should make a gold coin version

Do you mean premium light tank??? Or event one that you can buy in the market???

No need for new premium vehicule for now.

Non top 3 nations need more tech tree vehicles not more premiums. If you want the research bonuses just buy or earn a talisman.


What I’m talking about is adding a coin version, not canceling the technology tree.

Like Gaijin coin? Like it can be bought on the marketplace??

we dont need more premiums. the game is full of them and its mostly what they add now for content the tree needs.

I don’t want to delete the technology tree version of VEX105. I want GAJIN to add the coin version of VEX105 because France is seriously short of top tier coin cars. Can you understand? I don’t want to delete the VEX105 version of the technology tree, okay?

France is the only country in this game that does not have a Level VII tank gift package, and it urgently needs a gift car.

i didnt say delete, im saying they dont need more premiums when the tech tree is lacking content.


Yeah, and France is the only nation having the best Stuff being locked behind a Paywall,…

VEX 105 not being a premium is actually for the best.

Guys, can you not see OP is French and using Google Translate from French into English?

Gold Coin = Golden Eagles
Coin Version = Premium variant
Technology Version = Non-Premium variant
Their point: Add an ADDITIONAL variant as Premium of the Tech Tree vehicle, NOT turning the tech tree vehicle into Premium or remove it.

Stop making a fuss about their wording already, you know exactly what they mean by the context even in spite of the wonky translations.

This post’s comments is making my blood boil.

And yeah, they are right. France is the only nation ingame without Rank VII Ground Premiums.

And this is, in turn, one of the reasons why they remain as nerfed as they are; since the artificially inflated statistics indicate that France Top Tier is “overpowered”, Gaijin does not feel the need to address and fix their issues (like Leclerc’s underperforming armor and mobility) because “according to the statistics, they don’t need it”.

Therefore, France getting a Rank VII Premium would be a benefit in many ways:
1- Would stop being the only nation without it.
2- Would draw further interest for more players to grind it.
3- Would de-inflate their statistics, which would allow for more fixes to come.


Yes, we do know exactly what they mean. This is what we are responding to. France has no need for more premium light tanks. Shit should be tech tree light tanks for a good long while before they add another premium light tank. France has enough struggle without making half a line up premium.

Vextra 105 is coming for the regular tree, OP is merely asking for a variant of it to come as Premium.

Just like Type 16 (P) is a Premium variant of Type 16. They don’t cancel each other and Type 16 (P) would add nothing to the regular tree.

In the same fashion, France could perfectly receive a Vextra 105 variant or copy-paste that would bring nothing to the regular tree while, in turn, giving France a Rank VII Premium so that it stops being the only nation without one.

That being said, I think maybe some form of Leclerc prototype could fill this role better (MBTs are a more forgiving and solid option to offer as Premium), but I get OP’s point.

You are very good, I am not French, I just want to use the French gold coin tank to open a tech tree.

Oh! Well, maybe I missed the mark with the French part hahah, but at least I got the translate part right :P

I assumed “French” because of some of the translations hahah. I thought “car” was translated from “char” or something.

And I agree with you- as a modern war machinnery enthusiast, I can’t bother to grind new trees without nice Top Tier Premiums. I do not wish to spend months playing with interwar/WW2/postwar vehicles till finally reaching the ones I am interested in, the modern ones!

Agree with your last part, yet, VEX-105 is not the perfect candidate,… an UAE Leclerc “Tropicalisé” is the perfect candidate, as it’s a sligthly Modified S2 which is already in-game.

Also would sell more than the current Vextra-105, because having:
better gun 120mm
better mobility overall than the Vextra-105
better Armor overall

And it fits being a premium because it’s an export variant

I see!

Since UAE Leclerc is an export vehicle, I always imagined it after AMX-40, actually.

As Premium, I think maybe a prototype could be more fitting, or, perhaps, even just a reskin, like M1A1 HC “Click-Bait”, with really cool customisation or something.

EDIT: Nah, you are right. UAE fits well as a Premium!

Well, having an UAE Leclerc would sell a lot as it’s an MBT comparable of latest Ranks/BR ^^"

All wheeled vehicule didn’t sell as much as the wheelies are known to be fairly incapacitated in off-roads, and are easier to kill.

Yep! While also being distinct enough not to be considered to be a copy-paste.

Maybe then Gaijin would actually bother to fix Leclerc’s armor :')

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