France is now the only Nation without a Rank VII Premium or Squadron Ground Vehicle

I just noticed that France is the only nation without a Rank VII premium ground vehicle or squadron ground vehicle after the last update. I guess they could not squeeze one more premium into this update so we will have to wait until the next.

US: 3 premium, 1 squadron
GER: 1 premium, 1 squadron (rank VIII)…I sense another premium or perhaps sqdn in next update
USSR: 3 premium, 2 squadron
UK: 2 premium, 1 squadron
JPN: 1 premium (new Fuji)
CHN: 1 premium
ITA: 1 premium
SWE: 2 premium, 1 squadron (rank VIII)
ISR: 1 premium (RAAM Segol)

For fairness and even playing field purposes, Gaijin definitely needs to give France a Rank VII premium next patch…and it should be a true French vehicle, preferably a tank…perhaps Leclerc prototype.


agree, a Leclerc pack


so you want a bunch of 1dl/ potatos in france on 11.3 ?
that’s how you get them

Yep, I know that will happen, but things settle down. Yes, I would like a premium rewards Rank 7 French ground vehicle even with the short term setbacks in teams. Heck, I experience it anyway when everyone else gets their new shiny and is on my team (when is the last time you have seen a team with more than 2 or 3 French players at top tier?) Things settle out and the holes and do not haves compared to other trees that the French tree has must be filled sometime.

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No. Please no. We don’t need any more wallet warriors who will end up with 0.01 K/D filling up your team instead of actually useful players.

It is coming, so best come to terms with it and hope for something truly French and fun to play. They will migrate away after a month or so…no big deal.

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And at the same time make top tier unplayable. Most of tem also won’t just stop playing.

or they just go play tank assault mode, aming it impossible to win because it is already full of brainless wehraboos with their premium Leo 2s.

Again, you act like we have all French teams now and are protected from the low level guy buying a high tier premium. We are not. We often have maybe 2 French players per a team and are already exposed to this…like the Fujis, Christians this patch. So either way we are impacted…Since this is true, I prefer to have a high tier tank with premium rewards. At least then we get something that hopefully fills some of the gaps in the tech tree.


I am not saying it does not affect france.
But it is an issue that gets bigger and bigger each time a new top tier premium is added.

I am not against top tier premiums. If Gaijin adds a system that does not allow a player to buy a premium above his highest rank/BR tech tree tank, then i am fine with it.

I agree with you and wish your idea would work. Unfortunately, the Snail will not compromise the revenue they gain from these high tier premiums. I agree that they have changed the game dramatically and dislike the clueless rushes, etc as well. Nothing to do to stop all this though, so I am at least hoping for something good (no wheelie boy or non-French vehicle).

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I fully agree with you.

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wait for next update. Not every nation gets near-top rank premium at once, as naval shows earlier.

Ranking has nothing to do with quality.

Decisions to buy or to export weapons are usually also a political decision or statements. So guys who can’t afford or are not forced to buy US hardware (and don’t get them for free), can’t afford Swedish (aircraft) or German ground stuff (or they do not want to sell it to you) and don’t like RU stuff (in order to stay neutral) buy French hardware. Was always like that.

The decline of export from RU is logical (political pressure and they have since 2022 a large domestic demand) - Germany is restricting itself for ages and the largest US customers bomb since years the sh*t out of some other countries near them…

The rise of France is well documented and pushed mainly by India (Rafale) - besides their outstanding and remarkable success with Naval hardware. Iirc they are currently the largest exporter of ships & subs.

Back to topic:

Imho you need to check your tap water…nothing against France, but you should consider that Big 3 is connected to players playing those nations and not to weapon exports…

If gaijin would follow your logic the US players would receive 4 times more stuff than all other nations together - and RU players would have to cut their stuff by half as their exports declined by 53% since 2022. And the UK player would also be not really happy:

2019-2023 statistics

Infographic: The World's Biggest Arms Exporters | Statista

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You do realise in many respects American land equipment is obsolete compared to French? The French also export a lot of technologies, for example:

  • Israel use French protection steels because of it’s very good KE resistance and relatively low weight
  • Russian FCS are now superior to some NATO countries because of the French
  • French HMSD in American helicopters

They are also prime cooperation partners on other projects. Look at all the T-72 modernisation projects that occurred in the 90s and early 2000s - France supplied a lot of the technologies and worked hand-in-hand.

@totolescargo is referring to the fact that if the French TT weren’t so severely gimped it would be one of the largest and most fleshed-out TTs. Post-WW2 the biggest military manufacturers are Russia, USA and France with China now emerging as well.


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Unless Russia purchased French software for their FCS (and there’s no evidence they did), that ain’t it chief. Russia has developed their FCS on their own, in addition - the only ‘advanced’ part of Russian FCS’s is auto-tracking that… most nations had developed a while ago, but had’t implemented for X, Y, Z reasons.

Germany has had autotracking for a while (2A7Q uses it, Puma & Boxer as well, 2A7V is the odd one out… likely due to using older software & hardware), Poland developed autotracking for their ZSSW-30 turret & plans on integrating it into their Leopard 2A5s too.

But hey, it’s not as if the United States has ever held various European countries hostage and forced them to buy American rather than European military equipment … /s

You can remove the “/s”, because that is exactly what the US had done. Germany was not allowed to integrate zero-zero seats in their F-104Gs due to US lobbying for their own ‘solution’ (that was not zero-zero capable), which resulted in you know what (Widow Maker), before that they bribed many German officials to choose the 104G instead of the Mirage IIIC (or E).

I was less (not really) referring to the Leopards. They’ve had automatic tracking since the 2A6EX I believe? Moreso Challenger 2s and Abrams, unless the SEP v3 received automatic tracking.

Actually, Strv 122s had automatic tracking so I assume that was a German solution?

Hey @Fireball_2020 looks like a job for you.

A quick look at the PUMA gives you a depressing yet accurate idea of how procurement is going there

How is it “depressing”? 2nd lot of the Puma is currently being procured, with lot 1 undergoing an upgrade to S1 (VJTF standard). If you’re going to bring up the “breakdowns” that occured last year, only a single vehicle actually suffered a serious failure, the rest were false flags (such as the automatic check-up system returning back information of a screen being broken, or screws that were loose etc) - and that single malfunction was caused by overworking that particular vehicle to the bone, it missed maintenance numerous times due to being passed from one company to another (but so did other Puma’s_, and right before that infamous day, overnight repair priority was given to Leopard 2A7Vs.