France in War Thunder in general

Im tired of watching as every nation gets atleast something new while france rots, just hell

As TEC said, gajiin does hate france.

…and this one patch after France got a whole navy tech tree, plus several vehicles in the air and ground tech trees…


yh, they only love the air stuff bc mirage go fast but thanks are misatended

yeah, but still lack of SPAA, big gaps, lack of good models, france gets nerfed all the times which makes it more unplayable.

Shhhhh we dont talk about any of that, just keep complaining, maybe one day france will get the glory Napoleon fought for

YES bring napoleon back!?!?!?!?!?β€œP?!?=)”?Β·ΒΏ!?β€œΒ·β€!)Β·=!("Β·!Β·