FPS problems

recently with the latesst patch, ‘Air superiority’, ive been getting really bad fps, before it was like 30-25 sometimes 15-20 but now its like 15 fps or lower, is there a way to fix this? im running lowest possible setting with the obsolete graphics at 1920x1080 full screen.
i got intel UHD graphics and my processor is i3-10110U
is there a way to get even lower graphics? i feel like the problem is the render distance but if i use the obsolete graphics option im locked out from the render distance option so could somebody help me if possible?

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ive updated all my drivers etc and tried to do some performance tweaks as well but no luck. also i have 12gb of ram

Yeah it happens to me too, don’t know why.

there a way to access bit in the config file?
or plans to make a even lesser graphics option? (if a dev see this and forwards it but i doubt it)
and no i cannot buy a new laptop or a PC as my parents wont allow it

From the patch before air superiority, I’ve been having random stutters near the start of games where it drops to below 30 from 144, then goes back and doesn’t drop again. I’m running a 3090 with 5800x3d, so it’s something with the game.

I am also experiencing drops from 144 to 20, specifically in air.