FPS Limit on a RX 7900 XTX


I’ve changed my graphics card from a RTX 3070 Ti to a RX 7900 XTX

Previously I played at 165 FPS but now it’s limited to 60, I don’t know why since I didn’t enable any kind of FPS limitation, I’ve checked on Adrenaline too and there isn’t any limitation activated

Do any AMD user might know why is it limited?

Check if vsync is on, all I can think

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Tried It both off and on and it’s the same

Check the Windows display settings too – the refresh rate setting. It could be set to 60hz there.

(linux will have something similar probably, if you’re on that)

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It’s at 165hz

I had the same, normally 165fps in menu/game with vsync on. And 600+ fps with it off. Now 60 in both. I did a AMD “perform reset” beside the factory reset in the driver software and this time skipped the “which profile best suits you step” and now back to normal. Looks like and AMD driver setting is causing it, but I don’t know which.

In AMD/ATI Adrenalin,

On the “Gaming” tab, then, “Graphics” tab

Under the “Frame Rate Target” control

there is a “Max Frame Rate” that is probably set to 60FPS. You can set the slider to the appropriate frame rate based on your display’s capability.

It seems that every time Adrenalin get’s updated, the default of 60fps is always loaded to protect older displays from going black with no display, in case a display change made.

I don’t have my pc but check if disabling nvidia reflex fixes that.
Or try going from the lowest graphics and step by step turn on settings and identify what’s blocking your fps