Fox Fox Fox Fox

please, just make the engine noise of the fox louder, it doesn’t have to be so soft, the powercreep is driving me insane, so many trolly vehicles that are so fast and hard to detect, people are spamming the fox because its just so busted, a br change isn’t going to do anything because it just outmatches all the light tanks in its br range with sheer speed and firepower

Literally no other light tank to match the fox, other ifvs and apcs are much slower or are much bigger and have other concerns, the fox just holds W into the side of a cap or hell even the enemy’s spawn

the most broken thing besides all things soviet that has happened to LTs in 7.0 and 8.0

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Idk what your hearing, or I guess what your not hearing, but the engine noise of the Fox is REALLY loud. It sounds like NASCAR😂



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so a common tactic i use in light tanks is turning off the engine, of course by the time i do that, someone’s already nearby, but before i do that, people should be able to hear my engine, with the fox, the engine in idle sounds so soft, idk man i just think its the epitome of annoying and overmatching, idek why gaijin’s decided to add more to the br compression

it’s speed maybe should be nerfed or something, its the best light tank when it comes to sheer spam, idk if gaijin does anything if a vehicle is being annoying or is overperforming when it’s already been moved up in br, but I account 70% of all my deaths in my BTR80a to foxes, more than aircraft even, and they’re always on our side of caps or just near our spawns, wouldn’t you think of something too? powercreeping shouldn’t be encouraged

hi >:(

Wait I’m confused. Are you the one playing it or are you playing against it?

playing against it, I suggested that gaijin like nerfed how sneaky it can be when people are holding W at 80km/h, its just cancerous

Oh ok. Like I said earlier though, I don’t seem to have the problem of not hearing them. When they’re within 300 feet all I hear is NASCAR

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are you deaft or playing with the game muted? the damn thing revs so much it sounds like a damn chainsaw going through your wall

only thing i can think are people are just not applying power and coasting in, but then again that should be true of all wheeled vehicles. Fox isn’t special in that.


The counter to the fox is the Maus and the E-100

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dam arcade it goes 110km/h why it’s already fast enough at 99km/h.

Reason Maus and E-100 are counter is because the APDS shell can not pen with only 110 at 10m 101 at 100m.

that makes me laught, cause you cry about fox, but not on BTR.
Fox sound is just ridiculous. They should down it .

if you play germany, spawn in a wiesel.

Fast, nice gun, rangefinder AND thermal.

flank and wait in a bush

It’s the perfect counter for it.