Fox Armoured Car/RARDEN default belt change

Well thought I would make a thread here with a request for gaijin to finally change the RARDEN default belt away from AP/HE and to something a bit more useful now more than 1 RARDEN vehicle will be in the game.

The main issues with it,

Unhistorical - The belt is made up of 2 3 round clips, going AP/HE doesnt really fit into that very well as it is AP/HE/AP - HE/AP/HE. The clips should be the same rounds in them.

Gameplay - Effectively it punishes 1 of the slowest rate of fire autocannons in the game by halving its effective fire rate from 80 to 40 while also halving the effective ammo when taken. With it being the default belt, it means you have to “grind” the APDS belt immediately or face half your rounds being useless in fighting anything other than warning them you are there. This compounds when the vehicle (Fox n this case) has only a limited amount of ammunition.

Really all it does is make players simply not use what would normally be a very useful round for the gun, the APSE (in game SAP) which could be a potent light tank killer for the vehicles using it.

For those that might compare it to other autocannons, really the RARDEN is more so a rapid fire single shot gun, arguably should be more akin to fast firing cannons in that regard (we dont see autoloader cannons like the AMX 13 being forced to have HE in the ready rack anymore).

Just let us have the option to go SAP, APDS or HE as we please.

If anyone else is for or against, feel free to comment :)


Preach my guy


Especially considering that it would be extremely easy and probably encouraged to customise your ammunition choice depending on the mission. I think the best choice would be to have a belt of each and you start with the sap and he belts already unlocked with the apds staying where it is. I’ve played the warrior and the gun is basically worthless as it is so even having the he in the belts stopped me from using the default belts as it was just not worth the he rounds ruining the damage.

Currently it’s doa, i wouldn’t touch it.

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It’s far from doa but it’s going to be pain spading it. I just hope this isn’t the last british light tank well be getting for a while.

whats DOA?

Dead on arrival. Which it’s far from but the stock belts will be pure pain.

Hi, find attached a link to the exact cannon used (30mm Rarden autocannon)
it only used HE and APDS so adding SAP wouldn’t be correct to it at all, along with its current incorrect info card showing 80 RPM (same as the warrior and they both use the same cannon)

I think AP/AP/HE would be entirely reasonable
AFAIK with the exception of some top (10.0+) IFVs stock belts always have some HE

If its going to be a pain to spade why play it? There’s thousands of other vehicles I’d rather play than suffer with mediocre rounds till I’m betting a tier 3 modification. It’s a hars pass from me at 7.0 with that ammo.

Didn’t the Rarden use 3 round clips not belts at all?

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The RARDEN can fire L5A2 APSE ammunition that would be classed as APHE or SAP. It appears to have been retired, but it did exist and was in service.

It’s listed in BAE systems’ catalogs but their website does not have information on it. There is also a 30x170mm APFSDS round that exists in their catalogs as well. isn’t exactly a definitive source.

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I was given that source by the MoD (Ministry of Defence)

The SAP was dropped to simplify logistics, along with a APCR round (L6) fairly early in the rardens life

I doubt that but if you were thats laughable on there part.

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I really don’t think that the UK’s Minister of Defence will give a website as a source material for their 30mm Rarden cannon.

The thing is the RARDEN isnt like other autocannons, and having that effectively cripples what most people see as 1 of the harder to use cannons in WT.

Even if its 1 in 3, it makes the cannon much harder to use as you drop the rof to about 50 and the ammunition to like, 63 rounds of useful ammo for the vehicle.

Other autocannons fire fast enough that this isnt an issue for them, the RARDEN doesnt.


The APSE is very much a thing and was used

Could be wrong but IIRC APSE was the first AP round for the gun and in use for a while.


Yeah, though for simplicity sake its easier to say belt because thats how people talk about most autocannons including those without belt feeding.

90 rpm… What’s the firerate in game?

80 but gaijn are hard set on keeping it as such, its a moot thing.

Just having good clips will be enough, stop it from being at 40-50rpm on the default clip.