Fox 3s and Helis

Why is it that a missile capable of making a 180 on it’s flight path to a low flying aircraft has such a hard time killing a stationary heli? Not only that, why does the seeker not even recognize heli’s as a potential target?

Advanced Medium Range AIR TO AIR Missile - but only against planes I guess.

The way gaijin calculates all of the math involved is just screwed rn is the TL:DR

Depends on the seeker Head of the Fox-3 if it is PD and the heli ain’t moving then no track

Basically cause of this


Because Gaijin doesn’t model the RCS the spinning blades keeping it aloft.


The “H” key is their notch button


If helicopters where closed with no exposed moving parts it would be invisible to PD radar, as they need to differentiate the background by the speed of the target, but they have a very big radar reflection lighthouse called rotor blades that should be seen by ARH and other radars in general.

I’ve seen people using this trick with the Harrier while I was playing the F-15J some days ago. It works well, but you can still launch IRCCM fox-2s on them and they can do nothing about it, as the thrust vectoring vectors the heat to below the aircraft and make it a bigger IR light source than flares

I can barely get a radar to lock onto a Heli half the time. I think they need to overhaul the radar signature of the helis and then the ARH will be far more effective