Fox 3 questions

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I just have question about fox3, what is the first fox 3 for French tech and what’s is the first plane can carry it?

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It will likely be the MICA -EM. It could be given to the Mirage 2000-5F and possibly the Mirage 4000, though it might not even be given in the first update with ARHs.

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Why they might not be given in the first update? They are to strong?

At times some weapons systems maybe bit too advanced for game play balance, and so over time more and more weapon systems can be added to the game

So, yeah… game play balance tends to be the number one concern

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Did you really delete my reply just to post the same thing?

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if you have issues with Moderation, it is best to PM Staff…

But, yes because of the misinformation that is not accurate nor helpful to the answer of the question

I didn’t post any misinformation. I posted an opinion, supported by historical updates. And I gave a much clearer comparison between the MICA and it’s more common counterparts in the AMRAAM and R-77 and why it would not added. But sure tell it how you want

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Sort of, they’ll be better than AMRAAM and Adder because MICA has Thrust Vectoring, it’ll behave like R-73 but for longer range. Although the range is shorter by 20KM, but that Thrust Vectoring is going to be deadly in 5km Headon.

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