'Fox 3' Missiles Too Easily Ran Into Terrain

‘Fox 3’ Missiles in War Thunder on the Dev server have the really stupid disadvantageous behavior of running into the ground when trying to predict the path of a target.

I played DCS and VTOL VR, That being said in those games AMRAAMs do not easily run into the ground unlike a Semi-active radar homing missile. Because they have 3 plane approach guidance based off of their own radar and data from the data link with the launched aircraft radar.

I am not saying AMRAAMs do not run into the ground ever, No one would no this unless you make them or shoot them for a living.

All I am saying Is that I believe with the PDF Linked and publicly accessible info on the topic should make the AMRAAMs affective under 1 km altitude and have a bit more probability of kill past 20 km.

R-77, MICA , AIM-120 (RB 99), AAM 4, etc. should all have 3 plane approach since a lot of the aircraft they’re on should (in theory) have 3 plane approach data because they were in production after 2005 (Three Plane Approach for 3D True Proportional Navigation publication year.)

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