Fox-3 in Ground Battle

We need Planes to spawn on the runway at min of 25km from the battlefield. It’s very simple why, As we have Fox-3 and with the multipathing being 60m spawning in the sky at 5k up has made it just a spawn camper’s dream. [For a good example, I seem to see a lot and I mean almost every game now a kill feed of fox-3 kills for example(JAS39A - JAS39C - JAS39EBS HUB C ) killed XYZ, This is because you can sit in your plane just outside of a detection zone (being the red zone on the map when close to the spawns) as soon as a plane spawns in lob a Fox-3 and turn away after a few sec of guiding it in, this makes air battles very one-sided to the team who spawns an Air first. they are forced as soon as they spawn to dive to the ground you should be turning cold as the fox-3 is already on its way but you won’t have a RWR till it’s too late, now you are facing away from the fight in a defensive position, If the attacker has seen you do this he will be chasing you now it’s about dog-fight and you are losing hard unless the attacker makes a Dog-fighting mistake you are not going to get a win, (this is not either of the players faults just the way the game works at the moment) (Just on a side note games end way too quickly at the moment, the point system for 3 cap zones either has fewer points for holding a cap or more points before a win, games end way too quickly, and this encourages rushing for a plane or helicopter as soon as possible even if that’s the worst option for the team, losing the ground battle before the game is even 30% complete) Taking off from the air-fields would

  1. let you use your radar to detect air threats on the way in and have an option of how to engage
  2. Completely remove the air spawn camping problem, ( I know people will still spawn camp the runway but at least you have some AA cover to counter that’s more than what we have for Air spawns atm.
  3. Make clearing the skies of AA fighters important for ground attackers

Nah, let’s let this new meta hang out a while since the anti-air ability for planes costs SP too and the attack planes can be the ones in danger for once. I’ve been waiting for a post like this because I knew the AMRAAMs would shake things up, especially against the Russian attackers and Pantsir.


killing the Su-25s and Mig-27s before they get close has been so satisfying.

If people die while spawning in the air a lot, they can always choose to spawn on their airfield if they wish.


I would imagine. I’m going to try it would once I get the Aim120s on my F-15C. I told many people that after AMRAAMs came in the CAS problem (especially the Su-25SM3) would become much less of an issue because you can hit them from range easier now.

I’m definitely not opposed to slapping ground attack aircraft but it’s just like when the S1 was added you spawn and your already in range hahaha cause the spawns were so close (some maps they still are)