Foul language one violation or more?

Yesterday it popped up on my screen when i entered War Thunder it just said foul language, and some of the things that made me get the notification. then i started to wonder, Is foul language one violation of is it a combination of a bunch of violations?

One. You get reported and a mod will check it. If the report is legit, you get a chat ban.

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One report containing a punishable offense is enough to get you a chat ban, but they don’t “stack”.


It seems odd to put quotation marks around the word stack. Since the term Stacking means
Several things are layered on top of one another. Aka one rule broke, another broke, and a third broke hence stacking. Hence the term Stacking. Their all being considered as the best possible way to treat the violation of the rules. You do you.

I am sure they do,cause after like 8th ban,u get perma chat ban.

No, with the ninth you get an explicit warning that the next one will be for a longer time. The tenth then hits hard.

With Stacking I mean that if someone commits 2 punishable offenses close to each other, both punishable with say 30 days, he will not get a 60 days ban. Instead he’ll get a 30 days ban only. Only after this is over, the next offense would lead to another chat ban.


From what i was told its between 8-10 by a GM. And that it depends on the person banning when it comes.

And the stacking,from my own experience one 30d ban of mine ended and within like an hour i had another,never ever i had faster ban in WT. Usually after ban there was period of few months before i got another one.

No. We all work with the same guidelines, and there it’s clearly defined what happens how and when. There is no room for personal bias. If you experience or suspect such bias, immediately let us Senior GM’s know, so we can investigate, because that is not acceptable.

My data shows this is not true.

But sadly there are cases where players very quickly after their chat ban expired break the rules yet again. Sometimes really astonishingly fast. As soon as they can chat again, they say something offensive, get reported and then get muted yet again…


Well it was definitely fastest ban i ever got right after another,it was within the same day,i remember i was typing something in chat and then suddenly bang banned again.

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