Forum guidelines and game rules documents got tightened up I see

I see the date has not been changed from April 23, but just so other people are tracking there do appear to have been significant changes recently to the Forum Rules document for the War Thunder forums in the context of the new WT forum link.

Couple highlights I noted (not having the old version to compare to):

  1. “1.1.1. Insult any forum members, Gaijin employee or forum staff” is now broken into

3.1.2 insulting the Administration in person;
3.1.3 insulting other members of the community;”

  1. A “Dismissive attitude” toward the Game Rules and Terms and Conditions, either in public or private, can lead to an Gaijin-wide account ban on second offense (3.15)

  2. The game rules, including rules for Clan names, also seem to have become much more precise (for War Thunder… I’m guessing this is at least in part bringing WT’s rules in line with the other Gaijin games, with newer, legally tighter rules). The old “2.1.8 Names of organizations recognized by national or international courts as criminal, extremist or terrorist” seems much more precise, with detailed specifics on Nazi symbology, etc. (link)

It would have been positive if we could have heard more on these changes as they were being introduced by Gaijin, or community content creators could have provided a little more info on this instead of just people finding it out by clicking around links on a slow work day, tbh. There’s a lot in here that could sneak up on someone, I suspect.

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There’s a lot in here that could sneak up on someone

Yeah, no one would want that to happen of course…

Anyone looking to compare and contrast, old rules, both sets, are still up on the old forum here.

In-game chat rules got updated too. In the list of things that can get you chat-banned:

"Willful incitement to non-playing or avoiding in-game activities (3.2.15) changed to "Incitement to stop playing the Games, avoid in-game activities, or purchase any content from the Gaijin.Net Store (3.2.18) . And a brand new thing that gets a ban: “3.2.21. Public discussion of the actions of the Administration”

On the upside, I see the ban on clan and personal nicknames that are “The names, or images, of politically historical figures from the 19th to 21st centuries” got removed (note: unless they’re people who’s name isn’t banned by another rule, of course), so that’s nice.