For those of you who use custom kill messages, what do you set them to?

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I’ll share mine if you’ll share yours:


I havent set them up yet. Can you make seperate ones for hits, crits, severe damage, and kills for air, ground, and naval or are they justed shared for all 3 modes?

Yes, you can make seperate ones for different game events. Here’s a tutorial on how to set them up:

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Warrenty Expired

Went with Superior Tactics for ground kills, Airspace Denied for Air killed, RP Gathered for base kills, and OOOF for no damage done.
just to name a few. Thanks for the info, it’s really making it more fun.

Just curious, it’s not mentioned, but, are the messages just visible to you, or are the messages viewable to whoever is killed?

Used to have mine set up for…

“Back to the Hangar ———>”

Haven’t fixed it since last update though need something new.

Also had by “no-damage hit” message set up to be

“Git gud”

Client side only.

Thanks. I thought so because, in the video i watched, the message was only changed client side. Just for me?, not sure if i’ll change them, but if messages were observed by the people you kill, That would be different and good.

I know Gaijin would never allow that because of the horrible, nasty trolls that will ALWAYS abuse the system instead of playing the system.

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So is changing your kill message actually allowed by Gaijin? It means altering game files, could you get banned for this?

I don’t need to change the game to show me what I’m thinking… the voices in my head do that already… ;)

for planes i do: No fly zone

for tanks i do: MERICA

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If you want to get into the nitty gritty of it, this system is supposed to be for adding localizations that Gaijin may not have the time or resources to properly add, so this is an unintended use of the system. Bannable, though, in theory, yes, but I really doubt they’d actually go after someone for it in practice. At the end of the day, the modification is client side only, so it’s only visible to the person using it, and to my knowledge, it doesn’t give you an advantage, so my guess is that they don’t care.