For the tasks with assists 'helping a team out', scouted should count as assist

Not putting this into suggestion, because you need a lot of text to be accepted there and I can’t think of a lot of text regarding this. Thoughts?

I feel stupid intentionally maiming tanks, or just hitting their engines and leaving them alone.

You already get an alright reward for scouting if someone kills them

I’m not talking about reward.

Then what is the point of counting it as an assist if it already gives you an reward and counts as scouting. The reason why the category should be distinct is so you can get both scouting bonus and assist if you damage the vehicle which motivates people to do more than just press V and drive away. It motivates people to be more helpful while also giving you a higher reward.

For the sake of the tasks? Right now if you get assist task, you need to leave tanks alive which is counter-intuitive.

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Play a support vehicle. It will be easier to get assists when you can’t kill mbt’s head on. I got 5 assists today with the qn506 while also getting 3 kills.

How can you get my point so wrong.

It’s not about being hard, it’s about being counter-intuitive.

A counter intuitive thing that lasts for the duration of one battle vs a counter intuitive thing that lasts for everyone for the whole game, which one do you pick? Some things are compromises where the better option of the 2 is picked. Slightly counter intuitive for the average player or very counter intuitive for the average player.

what are you talking about.


Are you drunk?

It is more counter intuitive to make scouts count as assists just for a task than to keep it as it is. If you call me drunk you will probably realize that gaijin agrees with me therefore my opinion probably has a bigger basis than what you can see

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Tell me how this is a good game design where you’re encouraged to ‘maim’ tank and leave him alone, which means he can repair and get back to battle?

When doing this task, there were multiple times where I damaged the tank, I was able to finish off him quite easily, but I didn’t, and left him alone, which meant he was able to kill my teammates, and did in some cases.

Clearly your limited view of the game restricts your ability to assist your teammates in killing.