For the love of God, can someone please fix the crooked yaw in the AH-64 (mouse aim) mode?

I have tried everything to my knowledge to fix the fact that it flies sideways. Roughly 25 degrees offset, is an unacceptable flight characteristic for a top-tier helicopter. I regret ever getting it, it’s awkward to fly, and even messes with your eyes after a while. It’s never pointed at it’s direction of travel, always to the left. I understand certain flight characteristics demand accuracy, but this is ridiculous, they do not fly this offset, and crooked in real life. Can someone please look into this, and please center the flight model. Thank you.

Turn on manual roll control and tilt the helicopter slightly left, this is a characteristic of all non-coaxial helicopters.

Yet all the AH-1 do not share this attribute, it even hovers crooked.

Thank you for the input, but this heli should level out side to side with a trim option at least. What a horrible flyer, I’m sorry I ever wasted my time with it. The AH-1Z is also a “Non-Coaxial” and does not have this issue.

tbf the Viper has it’s own problems