For the love of Gaijin! Top Tier Tank Sim! Build it and they will come!

Top Tier SIM ground is one of the most enjoyable experiences I’ve ever had. This game mode fits the “end game” narrative for WT.

Here is what I’m suggesting.

Ground SIM shall have three game options.

Each range is on an individual two day rotation.

All active games will be locked into “Red VS Blue”
Max Player Count per Lobby = 20

  1. Low Tier
    A) WW1
    B) WW2

  2. Middle
    A) Early Cold War
    B) Late Cold War

  3. Top 10-13 BR:
    A) Modern [“10.0 Premiums range”]
    B) Modern Plus [“11.3 Premiums range”]

Lets make it happen Gaijin!

Fellow WT chads, please share your sweet internet opinions below!

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agree, i enjoyed when they used to have top tier sim matches

Ah yes, Maus and Strvs fighting each other. Definitely fair… /s

Sim needs it’s lineups fixing though.

Communist Hungarian tanks should be on Redfor, whilst Cold War Italy is on Blufor, DDR vs BDR etc.


We just need more separate Era ranges. I want all vehicles to be available at all times.