For the Anti-CASers out there

CAS is skill less? CAS is Easy? CAS is for people who don’t know how to use tanks? Nah, I spawn CAS, can’t find a target. I spawn CAS, can’t see because of the clouds. I spawn CAS, I get instantly boned by a Pantsir or Strela. I spawn CAS, I can’t do anything, because Gaijin moments. I don’t think CAS is as OP as you think it is, you just have worse luck than me ; ). (Disclaimer: I this is not a whine thread, this is a joke to make fun of those who make them)

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How many days without a new CAS-Thread?



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You spelt “hours” wrong… = )


lol. I promise to fill the quota later to day ;)

Whilst I agree OP, I also am sick of seeing threads like this multiple times per day.

As a fellow CAS player all of your issues can be boiled down to skill issue. I kill Pantsirs in tornados which is one of the worst top tier CAS planes so idk what your problem is

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Sounds like a massive skill issue

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Please use already created threads to discuss CAS.

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