For future reference if you’re an idiot too

So I noticed while playing that the closest tree I had to unlocking Israeli GF was France. I invested most of my time in Germany and China when they became available

A quick look at the French tech tree reminds me of why I prefer low tier with them so I glance back at Israel’s tree. Along with the Super Sherman (the vehicle I’d like for my collection) the tree also states that the Zachlam Tager is available for research. Putting two and two together I realize I can dump about $15 worth of gold into the Tager to also unlock the Sherman.

Yeah no I’m an idiot and didn’t pay attention to the red arrow from the tank before it. Spend those GE just to be told I need to research the previous 2 vehicles of which I can’t because I don’t even have the Super Sherman. My idiotic ass has been playing since like 2012 and here I made this mistake

Can we maybe get a disclaimer or just straight up not let people research a tank they can’t purchase because they don’t have the previous? Support told me this can’t be reversed so that’s a $15 mistake. It doesn’t have to be someone else’s though

In the mean time please go easy on my B1 ter if you see my name she’s all I got to get me through the slog now lol

Usually people already have the vehicle researched and able to buy it, and when they try it, sees that need to buy the previous,

I think you are the guy here.

The UI is a bit unclear. If you had a tank unlocked, but not researched when vehicles were added before it, it shows it is available to research, despite not being purchasable.

Yeah I realized this is the case a bit too late and am unfortunately sol on the matter. Game has been around a hot minute though it happens. I can breeze through 1 bad rank of tanks in around a week or two

Still annoying though lol I knew the Tager wasn’t that great but damn it hit me extra hard

We all gotta be that guy sometime I guess. My personal self-created click bait lol

Hand aimed missiles annoy me to no end, I would just not get it unless you specifically wanna get the Giraf or Namer

Well it was for unlocking the tree as a whole. I figured the Tager itself would be good for memeing around a time or two maybe. Otherwise I’m spoiled by USSR ATGMs and don’t mind it that way