For anyone who says that sherman can pen Panther side even with big angle

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Soviet Sharp-Head no cap and windshield shell works better on angled armour than american APCBCHE shell on main battle ranges.

Yes this is very common knowledge, and the Sherman can and will pen a Panther at angles

if it turn at 25-30 degree minimum.

It will still pen the Panther side.

But not that easy as people say. Almost citation “Panther must stand absolutely straight or it will be penned into side”.

Not with the American Shermans, but pretty much with any Russian or British gun

Gaijin gave Russian APBC insanely OP slope modifiers.

This isn’t even APBC. This is APHE

You’re right, my mistake.

I believe AP does have better slope modifiers than APC.

And this is strange

“60 degrees, 500 meters: 48mm”

The side armor on a panther is 40mm, so… yes it will go through at even 60 degrees. (with a maybe 1/3 or so ricochet risk)

What was the point of this post? I don’t understand.