Following the Roadmap: WT Mobile Login Streak & Keeping you updated with our plans

In this Roadmap article, we’ll be talking about one of the Roadmap additions to the Air Superiority major update, as well as talking about some of the plans we have for the future.

The majority of the original changes that we announced for the Roadmap have now been implemented into the game, so we’d now like to announce our future plans. We’ve now implemented the vast majority of planned changes that we set out back in the summer (43/45), with minor deviations from the original planned schedule without a delay of more than one update, which is a level of planning that we’re happy with.

Only two changes that were planned for this year have not been released, which we’re going to tell you more about now, so please read on.

Other progression updates: Logging into WT Mobile to keep your login streak

First, one of the final Roadmap additions was the ability to login to WT Mobile to keep your login streak on the PC version of War Thunder, and in the Air Superiority update this feature will be implemented. To get started, you’ll need to install WT Mobile (from Google Play, or App Store), login to your Gaijin Account that you use to login to War Thunder on PC, and you’ll be able to login to keep your streak. We’d like to note that you won’t be able to collect rewards from the mobile version, but only to login to keep the streak.

Postponing the Improved target hit alert for aircraft (the Severe Damage Mechanic design that we proposed)

In one of our previous Roadmap articles, we asked for your feedback on the Severe Damage Mechanic. Your feedback was and is greatly appreciated, however at the moment we’ve run into some issues with implementing this mechanic.

This mechanic has turned out to be quite complex in a technical sense, requiring careful testing. Part of the necessary code for this testing will be included in the game in the Air Superiority major update, and will be used by us for testing and debugging. Although you shouldn’t notice any changes to the game, this code inclusion will bring this mechanic closer to being completed. We’re planning to introduce this mechanic between the 5th update of 2023 and the 1st update of 2024.

Postponing Research bonuses for new nations

We won’t beat around the bush, we’re postponing RP bonuses for new nations for players with top-tier vehicles of another nation for the time being — however, this feature is still planned to be implemented. We previously mentioned why we’re postponing it, but we’d like to explain why we’ve had to postpone it again. This is due to the fact that any meta changes can have long-term consequences for the game, which are difficult to evaluate if there are many changes at once.

We’re already analyzing the current data and calculating the amount needed for the planned bonuses. This analysis will take some more time (as we mentioned — due to the long-term changes that are being analyzed, where objectively a long time is required), with this feature planned to be implemented in an update in the spring of 2024.

Looking ahead to 2024

We think that the way of implementing features from a list suggested by you, the community, while also announcing deadlines for these features was an interesting idea, being useful for us as well as you.

Therefore, we’d like to continue this process and are happy to announce that we’ll be starting a new Roadmap for War Thunder in 2024. We hope that just like back in the summer, we can form an interesting set of War Thunder features and improvements that enhance the game further to be the best it can be. Further details to come soon.


Very glad to see you’ll be releasing a new planned feature roadmap for 2024.

Overall the changes have drastically improved the game, I’m also happy to see that research bonuses for finishing a tree are still planned. I think beyond grind improvement the feature would have benefits for returning players who want to find a new reason to keep playing the game. Getting a bonus for playing an entirely new nation is a great hook.


Its unfortunate that the number one thing I care about, the research bonuses for nations continues to be drug out but all the same I’m happy to see this won’t be a onetime thing and roadmaps will continue into the future.
And all in all gaijin has managed to fulfill the vast majority of what was promised on the original roadmap so I’m looking forward to what the next one brings.

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This is very good news.
Looking forward to see what’s planned for 2024


Postponing Research bonuses for new nations

What a joke, the ground economy is absolutely atrocious, you could double the earnings and it would still be atrocious, but here you guys are too scared to sprinkle even the tiniest bit of improvements on the game, the only thing you’re concerned about is that we’d actually get some sort of acceptable progression… imagine if people actually had a good time and enjoyed playing your game, we can’t have that.

You made these promises in the roadmap after massive community backlash due to the usual incompetence, and even how disappointing and mediocre these concessions are in the roadmap, you still aren’t following through with them and postponing them for arbitrary reasons.

while also announcing deadlines for these features was an interesting idea, being useful for us as well as you.

Therefore, we’d like to continue this process and are happy to announce that we’ll be starting a new Roadmap for War Thunder in 2024.

You’re announcing another roadmap with more deadlines after yet another post with an poor excuse why you didn’t meet the previous deadlines and postponing them yet again, that sounds like a great idea!

The standard for you guys is so low and you manage to disappoint still.


While its sad to see things postponed its very good to get communication of the fact.
these types of posts are greatly appreciated and i am very happy to hear that there is a plan to continue doing a roadmap style of planed updates!

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Nice! Good news. Leaving aside the problems with the vehicles in this latest update, I have to say that these months of changes have improved the game by working on it, and it is something that I like and think it is going in the right direction. I hope it continues like this for a long time and that the “small” errors with the vehicles in the latest update are soon resolved. Good work! Have a nice day!

Where’s that list?
what i think is mandatory:
nerf CaS, buff SPAA anti-air capabilities, nerf SPAA anti-tank capabilities, reduce powercreep, rework gameplay, fix major issues, etc. Are all things that should be on the next roadmap. Also more permanent game modes would be great, like battle royale, air duels, 3 team fights, asymetric gameplay, etc.

Is this a code we need to break to figure out the full message?


Ahahahaha no!

There is absolutely no reason why they can’t implement the RP changes. Like none. You put it in the roadmap, you created the RP issues, and when it came down to being called out on it and announcing a means to address it, you’re “postponing” it until when? How was, what can safely assume was small/modest RP bonus for progressing new tech trees after completing one in anyway game and or progression breaking?

What an incredibly shady move, and I’m really glad to see the War Thunder CC’s making this known. “Following the Roadmap: Canceling Our Plans Because We Can”. A perfect title correction.


Will Air RB team sizes be addressed anytime soon? Many players and content creators have spoken out on how frustrated we are with 16v16 matches especially in high tier jets.


The top tier RP bonus should compound, depending on how many nations we have unlocked at top tier.

As far as including SimEC… Just make it so the bonus applies the first 30 minutes of a session for every instance of the bonus, just like you do with RP and SL boosters. For example, if AB/RB players get the bonus for 3 matches, SimEC players would get the bonus for three 30 minute sessions.

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You’re afraid of making RP changes because people will “grind too fast” but you won’t even define what the grind should be per vehicle/tree. Re-implementing double RP weekends or, heaven forbid, 2 weeks of Christmas bonus RP would not be a difficult change and would not impact your long-term success. If anything it would improve it since it would make the game fun and not feel like a 2nd job. This is like getting promised a promotion but your manager keeps putting it off with vague assurances of future changes. You are rapidly squandering any goodwill from this summer’s mediocre (12% reduction) changes.


You have no problem throwing out “meta” changes with no testing or announcement when it suits you, but then when it comes to possibly cutting down the grind you suddenly have to do long research and testing internally

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To be honest I like these roadmap updates but I haven’t been able to follow them lately
I just found out about this Severe Damage mechanic, it sounds interesting but personally I find it very rewarding to be able to nurse an heavily damaged plane back to base and I’m afraid this mechanic will encourage the already widespread use to rage on already stricken or barely flying aircraft which is a pet peeve of mine. Like when you are plummeting to the ground and there’s still someone shooting at you or you are barely managing to keep the plane flying and someone pulls a reverse Franz Stiegler, I think this mechanic will spur players to do this to get the kill and the reward or to prevent other players from “stealing” it

There needs to be time to water down current RP gain before “Bonus” will be implemented.

More is coming.

Hoping to see some actual gameplay improvements on the new roadmap. This game in its current form is just a vehicle collector sim, with no real gameplay to accommodate the latest gen vehicles.

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@Stona_WT keeping the login streak doesn’t work.

On Sunday I logged into the game, I was at day 81 then.
On Monday I logged into the app, using the same account of course.
Today (tuesday) I logged into the game again and was still only at day 82.

This cost me 3 BP progress points…

No rewards, you only stay on the same day