Following the Roadmap: WT Mobile Login Streak & Keeping you updated with our plans

So you just don’t lose your streak, but the day doesn’t advance? I was fine with not receiving the boosters, but at least the day count could go up.

Mobile WT login freeze your Regular WT streak. It will not give you progress in it or daily rewards.


Have been using WT mobile to keep my login streak for the PC version during my vacation but I still lost my streak despite logging in every day. It seems to not work for me or something. I even played a little bit on each day and even claimed the WT mobile dailies so there is proof i did log in.

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Which list are you referring to? Where can we find information about its contents? I’m not familiar with it.

There isn’t one at the moment, the last one ended this major update. (some features got delayed and will be added to the coming list).
Here is the old one(scroll down to see the graphic version at the bottom of the post):

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