Following the Roadmap: We’d like to hear your feedback on our proposed Aircraft Destruction Mechanics & Night Battles design

Shared kills is interesting and i like it. Severely Damaged (and killed by someone else) and Finished Off could be counted on the scorecard as 0.5 of a “kill.”

I think night battles should be an available option for all br. Just because they didnt have night vision in ww2 doesnt mean night tank battles didnt happen all the time. Besides, it would be a very interesting gameplay experience for those who choose it.

This is the key line in the sentence of which your post hinges on.
There are types of ‘kills’ in the current system that are unrecoverable/certain but don’t count as a ground crash, such as pilot snipes or burn outs.

I believe Gaijin is referring specifically to the types scenarios where you lose a flight surface but have relative control specifically enough to RTB. I’ve experienced this quite frequently lately in the A7M2 where I’ve lost a wing but could still fly decently fine. Certainly enough to land at base to repair but there is no point to do so now because it automatically counts as a death and you are unable to repair at base even after a hard-fought soft landing.
When your name is black, no one even bothers to shoot at you now because they consider you a non-threat and the kill has already been assigned, despite me being able to score several kills this way.

One scenario that I forsee might be an issue in this new system is flatspins. Where you critically damage an enemy to the point where they aren’t burning out but are unlikely to regain control. So long as Gaijin is specifically is able to tell when a plane is really ‘finished off’ without a specific crash and will not be able to land for repairs, I don’t see this being an issue.

And not to mention this is literally the forum post where they are asking for feedback to bring up these kind of scenarios to improve upon the design idea.
The current system is absolutely unacceptable in my opinion, and actively encourages kill steals. So we really need to see how this is actually implemented before we start accosting it so harshly as a ‘downgrade’.

Why not air battle in night for WWII night fighters and WWII bombers that always flown in night. It is very good challenge playing cat and mouse as seek and avoid in dark. That’s what I always want playing in night and we can give chance night fighters players to able score some kills without getting shot down easy by faster fighters in day sorties.

Unless there was a recent change I’m unaware of, this is not the case anymore. There was a relatively recent update that made planes irreparable when they were critically damaged beyond a certain point and the community was overwhelmingly against it.

It is my understanding that this post is Gaijin fixing that community complaint.

I think this was fixed and was said in some changelog, maybe someone tried to land damaged in the last weeks and can show it.

But anyways instead of changing repair parameters it is better to change the whole kill rewarding system? How does that make sense?
Why would I have to get a downgrade in the kill system just for a 1% chance that someone lands without a wing?

If you get a crit, which in this case a flatspin would probably be considered “severe” even if the other guy finishes him off you’ll still get credit for an entire kill. The guy who steals the kill will be given a “finished off” bonus along with partial kill credit

If you can provide the changelog I’d be glad to see it. But I am quite certain it is not fixed.
Also this is not only about fixing the repair but to greatly alleviate the poor rewards of an assist versus a stolen kill.
See my post above for more information on position of why I don’t consider this a downgrade.

This change has nothing to do with stolen kills or assists.

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That is absolutely not what it says.

If you ‘severely damage’ an opponent you who then proceeds to flatspin you get a kill and the ‘severe damage’ reward which I believe it similar to a kill’s reward (Gaijin hasn’t finalized or published actual numbers yet).

Assuming the flat spin doesn’t count as a kill outright which it very well might based on Gaijin’s strange wording, if someone “finished off” that flatspin you would still get your ‘severe damage’ reward just not the ‘finished off’ reward.

The wording of the post implies to me that a ‘severe damage’ is worth more than the ‘finished off’ reward, but both of you would get rewarded with RP/SL and the kill count.

So you aren’t even going to read or attempt to engage with my post? Okay cool, have a nice day.

It’s acknowledged in the article that night battles are generally more difficult than daytime battles so I think it would be a good idea to give a bonus to kills in night battles otherwise there would be little incentive to play nighttime (other than cosmetics) and it would likely be just as rare as it was before. Also I really like the idea for the severe damage system, it would help with the kill stealing problem and adds a more accurate system for accessing aircraft damage rather than getting credit for the kill and a ghost plane suddenly landing on their airfield and losing it.

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No, a crit does not mean severely damaged.
Read again: ‘’ If an aircraft is damaged to the extent where it would have been counted as being destroyed previously, despite still being able to fly, shoot and land to repair, this new mechanic will count it as severely damaged .‘’’

Same damage old vs with this change:

If you crit someone and you dont get the kill someone else can steal your kill and you get just an assist.

With this change:
If you crit someone and you don get what it is the ‘‘old kill’’ then someone else can steal your kill and you get the assist.

Kill stealing and assists work the same with old and with this change.

Only change is that you are trading your old kill for a chance that someone else finishes your old kill and you dont get your full reward.

This is why it is a downgrade for the player imo.

I have read yours, read mine…

Your premise is fundamentally flawed and based on a misunderstanding of the Gaijin wording.

These are all great, but I’d much rather have the RP changes.

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I agree with you but having the choice to select night battles makes it so that if you’re low BR and don’t want to participate in night battles then you don’t have to. I feel like that makes BR locking night battles a bit pointless

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Already explained it above.

I’m aware that a crit and severe damage aren’t the same thing I was just saying that under this new system damage causing a flat spin would likely be considered “severe”. Sorry I might’ve not been very clear

despite still being able to fly, shoot and land to repair

A flatspinning aircraft can not fly or land to repair. It may even count as ‘finished off’ based on this line, would like Gaijin to comment on this.

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