Following the Roadmap: We’d like to hear your feedback on our proposed Aircraft Destruction Mechanics & Night Battles design

The new damage mechanics against aircraft sound good to me. Should be less confusion and I’ll know whether to keep engaging a plane / helicopter in GRB.

I like the night battles are optional and unique cosmetics sounds interesting. Looking forward to these changes.

The roadmap has been wonderful. Very excited for the RP bonus changes.

yay, guy is crit and is going to die soon no matter what, let’s steal the kill to get part of the reward, it’s very easy, doesn’t count many ammo, and you’re rewarded for it… only thing the kill stealer should get is the frag to boost his k/d, not the reward that should go 100% to the player heavily criting the target (and putting it out of the fight).

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That is true and i fully understand. However you technically are getting a slightly higher reward since you will get both the “severely damaged” reward and if gaijin changes it also the full kill reward. Whereas your teammate who finishes him off will only get the kill reward or at least a portion depending what gaijin wants to do after these feedback. But i do agree it still is not 100% fair for both to get the full kill reward.

To add another benefit would be that stock players can research a bit more comfortably.

I don’t mind the stats thing, people wanna pad their stats it doesn’t really affect me.

However, now that I think about it, I do wonder how this will affect the snails ability to balance based on stats? I hope they will have something in place that will let them know if a vehicle actually scored a kill or just finished off a enemy in a flat spin…

I am with you, but i see daily team kills due to kill steal disputes, so counting the kill twice takes a lot of pressure out of the match and currently the guy creating “severe damage” gets no kill.

I love it to see guys diving with warp 3 from orbit pancaking whilst trying to steal a kill, no matter if 3 out of 4 engines are burning, the guy is flatspinning or smoking with 250 Kmph TAS at tree top 20 km from his base…

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‘‘If an aircraft is damaged to the extent where it would have been counted as being destroyed previously, despite still being able to fly, shoot and land to repair, this new mechanic will count it as severely damaged.’’

So the whole thing only does two new things:

  1. You can get free kills on planes ‘‘severely damaged’’ by other players that would have been dead before
  2. You can make it back to base and repair with a ‘‘serverely damaged’’ plane without counting as a death.


  1. You rip off a wing of a sabre and instead of getting ‘‘Kill’’ you get ‘‘severely damaged’’.
  2. If you dont finish him and he manages to land you dont get the frag on your stats and you only get the ‘‘severely damaged’’ reward.
  3. If a teammate finishes the sabre he will get a frag in his stats and a ‘‘finished off’’ reward. You will also get a frag in your stats but will not get the full kill reward.
  4. If the sabre manages to land he will not get a death on his stats.

Guys this does not fix kill stealing, kill stealing is when you critical damage someone without getting the kill and other player finishes the enemy. This will still happen, read the first line of this post.
It only adds that now you can get free frags from planes that would have been dead before the change and that you can save your KD if you manage to land a severely damaged aircraft.

I dont see anything good on this and just downgrades from what we have right now, so I’m against this ‘‘severely damaged’’ mechanic.


While we are at the destruction model, a certain very weird bug related to it should be adressed:
When a plane/heli takes wast amounts of damage further inflicting of damage may result… in nothing!
( for example - the fuselage went black; doesn’t matter if the vechicle was counted as “destroyed” or not)
The vechicle basically becomes a bullet sponge and the only way to trully destroy it it’s to disable the pilot/pilots. It’s especially noticable in helicopters - where the “destroyed” victim still can fight without trouble. It is less frequent in planes but still there - after morphing into a “bullet sponge” the plane most of the time can only fly straight or not at all…
Together with this update this serious bug will become even more annoying.

I also don’t belive that this would be a positive change. The damage model should be adressed directly instead of the suggested idea - like some more places where the hull/fuselage may get ripped apart etc.
Also, why make the game even more complicated?

Changes to air kills seems fine, anything that further defines what is going on, and what will happen is good. The night battle changes are fin, i like the incentives to play them, but i still believe the majority of people will choose not to play them, enough so that actually getting a night battle when you have them turned on will have to play a hell of a lot of games and get pretty lucky with the timing of you queueing. I personally will only have them on when playing with certain vehicles, and will turn them off as soon as i have all the rewards.

It lets you fly to base with a wing missing and repair. How is this a downgrade?

This is also going to provide critical information in Ground battles as it tells you whether the plane / helicopter is retaining control of the vehicle.

Support, it’s one thing when, for example, both engines failed and you were able to fly to the airfield, it’s another thing when a frag is stolen from you because the game engine cannot process the data normally

Why? You will get the full (almost) amount anyway, save the extra bullets, and let one more person profit.

Is it possible then that a team has more kills listed than the enemy has planes?

Will we see more reward screens in the forum with “I had 4 kills and only get…” because we can’t see that this person only took down crippled planes?

The numer of kills in a team should be equal to the number of enemies they shot down.

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RIP to GRB players, cas will be even more overpowered with this severely damaged mechanic. Can only see frustration coming out of this change. The changes to night battles are great though, the game has been needing an update to them for a while

You can already fly to base with a wing missing and repair in ARB, it does not change it.

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For night battles it would be nice if there was a small RP/SL reward for playing them too, Night battles are way harder than daytime battles especially in tanks that either dont get thermals or have gen 1’s while fighting gen 3’s, I dont think enough people will care about the decorations to enable night battles because of how unpopular they where.

Gen 1 night vision should be stock on tanks that get night vision (current NVD upgrade would still add thermals and later gen night vision), The option for night battles should be extended down to 8.7 as well, Most tanks there have NVD.

IR lamps on tanks that get them are kind of pointless, If anything they just make it easier for the enemy to spot you while using them for little to no benefit to yourself, If nights where darker and star shells where changed to be a call-in similar to artillery then it would make IR lamps slightly more useful.

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Overall I’m optimistic for all the changes presented. They seem like a genuine improvement over the current system of encouraging kill steals to maximize the reward versus getting assists at a much lower reward payout.

I’m curious how the following scenarios are rewarded with this new system:

  1. Severe damage + finished off
  2. Severe damage only
  3. Finished off only

The rewards for these should be ordered greatest to least: 1 > 2 > 3
From what I read in the devblog it seems like this is indeed the case and if it is, I love the idea of this new system and can’t wait to give it a try.

I also wonder how more than two allied shooters chasing one plane would work (think of the whole team chasing the last enemy alive). Can multiple people receive assists or severe damages rewards?

Also I’m not too keen on the phrasing for the “Finished Off” reward as it has another meaning in English lol…
Maybe something like “Kill Confirmed” instead?

Why is there no night battles for ground arcade? I would like to earn the rewards and play night battles in ground arcade.

Was the system changed? I thought there was a level of critical damage which stopped the aircraft from being repairable.

So you get lower rewards for a kill, requires an extra step to get the full reward that you previously got, and now 1 death can count as 2 kills on the scoreboard?

mmh I think they changed this again in some changelog