Following the Roadmap: We’d like to hear your feedback on our proposed Aircraft Destruction Mechanics & Night Battles design

It would be nice to add night battles for 9.7 Br and above for AIR mode, this will/should affect the spotting system and make it spot from MUCH closer ~2-3 Km (or even closer). There should be a 30% or more booster, for these types of battle is MUCH more harder to play in general. Why I suggest this is that this can alter Fighter we have current! Bombers like F-105D Buccaneer and Tornados can have a chance of flying RIGHT BY the enemy to score some bombing runs! In the later parts of the matches the red boxes can come on sooner for planes with ultra passive behaviour (either base camping or flying at the edge of map)

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I would like to know the exact values of what you mean by ‘slightly less’ before i can give any opinion on this. Is it 0.001%? 1%? 10%? 20%?

About night battles, since its now optional we can have it at even at a lower br. And please remove flares so IR spotlights can have some use.


*I meant to say “Fighter meta”, I apologise!

for night battles, i believe they could start at 9.0 but a very important thing is that flares must go away. it completely blinds anyone using night vision.


The “Severe Damage” mechanic looks nice, assuming that “Target Destroyed” genuinely means the aircraft is dead now and can no longer be controlled or use weaponry. Should act as a great display of just how broken certain damage models are.

Optional night battles is a very welcome change, though limiting them to 10.0+ seems excessive when there’re plenty of vehicles at lower BRs with NVGs, Thermals and IR Lamps (Bet half the playerbase forgot those exist).

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Thank you for these changes and for the roadmap overall.

But, helicopter damage models must be revised for the aircraft destruction mechanic to work as intended. As a top tier ground RB tank player, I do not think any helicopter should be able to survive 5 JM-33 APFSDS or 3 M339 HE-TF to the cockpit or around the engine and the rotor. IRL helicopters are not full of empty space like they are in the game and damage to helicopters must be more detailed.


to add to the plane and helicopter damage model = electronic elements should be modeled as a requirement for elements like weaponry, throttle, elevators, flaps, rotors to work correctly, so that APFSDS projectiles that damage a aircraft from start to end at 1600m/s inutilize part of it’s behavior, instead of just doing “hit, 5p” or breaking the (not always required) tail, like now.
you could play pretend and model them as boxes but make them be “crewmen”, if the engine isn’t made for such detail at the moment.


so when the guy i crit is flatspining i don’t get any reward because i didn’t play part in finishing him off (lol)? that’s moronic, the message the other should get is “kill stolen” and i should get 100% of the reward but he can get the k/d, period. The assist should only occur when the ennemy is lightly crited (flaps broken, damaged frame, fire sealed, etc.) and can still continue flying and fighting.

Excellent proposal!

The less score for “finished off” is the best weapon against “kill stealers”.

The “severe damage” and “finished off” score is exactly what the Germans did in their point system for the Knight’s Cross on the Western Front from 1943 fighting the 8th AF bombers - 3 points for a “HSS” or separation of a bomber from its formation cover and just 1 point (40 points required for KC in 1943) for the “e.V.” or final destruction of a bomber as this was seen as an easy task - the only difference - they counted just one kill for the “e.V.”

Before anybody asks - points for KC and kill counts were separate statistics - the kill claim list you find in the net are displaying both “HSS” and “e.V.”…

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rewards for killing aircraft are already too low so i think they should be fully shared in GRB.

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I think the changes sound good so far, though I hope night battles will be proper night battles again, meaning without the flares.
If night battles are optional, I would really like to see them at lower BRs, too.

There could also be more dynamic mechanics to make them more interesting at lower BRs, one idea I had was that one could choose between artillery strike and launching a flare in night battles. That flare could brighten up a smaller area than the big ones we had before, but it would allow players to illuminate the dark where it is needed, at the cost of regular artillery strikes (same/shared cooldown?).
At some point it would even be nice to have lights on tanks, both regular headlights and searchlights.
Also positioning and formation lights on aircraft, but I digress.

I remember playing night battles with Panthers and so on very long ago and it stuck in my head as a very unique and interesting experience because of the challenges of orientation in the dark etc.

Also, please check SPAAs regarding NVGs, the Gepard series for example should have driver NVGs (really, most modern German tanks seem to have the exact same driver periscopes that are all exchangeable for NVGs). Maybe I’ll make a bug report about that sometime since I have two sources for the Gepard. I wouldn’t be surprised if other nations’ SPAA had driver NVGs, too.

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The ‘Finish off’ mechanic sounds fantastic! Nothing to complain about here.

Again with night battles, I doubt many players will leave them enabled. Maybe include increased rewards or something for playing a night match? Cosmetics might grab a few players until they’ve unlocked everything but then they’ll simply become irrelevant again.

Either way, having the option to opt-out of night battles is good.

As for Improved Aircraft Target Hit Alerts

I cannot say much about it since I’m not too invested in air realistic battles, but it does sound good. (My opinion on this should not be taken at face value)

Regarding night battles

Minimum Battle Rating of 10.0 is a good idea. While I would think it would maybe diversify the gameplay to have lower Battle Rating night battles (Shermans for example), it would just be a pain. That is probably best left to ground simulator battles but still would be painful for all sorts of aircraft. (Hence the 10.0 is a great BR and I have no disagreement there)

For the queue I believe the best option is to have 3 choices (Day battles / Day & Night battles / Night battles). Gives a bit more choice and flexibility for the players.

I’d like to Point Out Some of the Ideas of the Night Battle.
Previously it is mentioned that :
The Minimum Battle Rating for Night Battles are 10.0

I’d disagree with this one, what’s the use of NV for other vehicle that are below 10.0?
It’s fun to have some Night Battle also in Lower Tier such as 8.0.

also the minimum BR might have hindered the new player from playing the night mode. Atleast in my opinion, the Minimum BR should be lowered to some extend to help new player as an Introduction for Night Battles. Also the Ratio of Flare should be Fixed, such as number of flare that are shot in the skies.

And tbh, the vast majority of vehicles : So Premiums user in lower BR wouldn’t Suffer? :D
I mean not everyone dislike night battles in lower BR… I’d like to taste it again in the WWII Era Vehicle. Especially on Maps Such as Artic. (IDK but this Happend Once)


Yeah, if we’re going to get night battles back, I want the full-on proper thing. None of this ‘oh it’s night but we’ve dropped a Disney world level of fireworks and flares everywhere so you can see’ junk.

no thermal vs nvd, it’s too unbalanced, and starting from 8.3. The concept of using nvd and ir lamp was awesome, but very soon completely destroyed by 1) when you got no nvd, it was unplayable 2) thermal was literally cheating. Playing fnafthunder was very fun, but as always gaijin couldn’t not mess it up badly…

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Don’t really like the changes to kills/assists.

I think the rewards should be based on who did what % of the total damage.
For example if we assume a jet has 100 HP and I do 90 damage to it, severely damaging it and a teammate comes and finishes the kill with 10 damage.

I think I should get the kill and 90% of the reward for the kill. The teammate should get 10% of the reward for a kill and it should be counted as an assist for them. Even if they administer the killing blow.

It’s irritating to see a jet that you’ve damage be in a flat spin and on fire and a teammate will swoop in and finish them off. They aren’t preventing the enemy jet from RTB, they are just trying to steal the reward for themselves.

Another example might be a jet takes 70 DMG. Let’s say I did 40 and a teammate did 30. The enemy jet is severely damaged but able to fly and RTB. I think the “Severely damaged” reward should be split again by % damage between me and my teammate. If the enemy crashes on their way back to base the reward should be changed to a kill and assist.

In the case where a jet is severely damaged but able to repair I don’t think the players who originally damaged it should get assists after it is repaired if the damaged(but repaired) vehicle is destroyed later in the match.


I think the issue is that you have people waiting to only jump in and grab the grab the frag safely while the person who worked for the kill expended their ammo, time and put themselves in a position that they can be picked off.

Giving the main reward to the person who dealt the main dmg the larger reward makes sense.

My question is, will assist be going away? And if so, will the “finished off” reward be the same? Less? More? Or fully dependent on the dmg a vehicle already received?

I just hope the severe dmg rewards and finished off equal less than our current system. Barring that, I like the changes so far.

Night battles are inherently harder so unless there were increased rewards I can’t see random doodads ever convincing me to check that box to enable them.
And on a similar subject could naval get something?
Fog battles are horrible and so common while dusk battles look gorgeous and yet we never get them.

Yes, I really hope that system rewards the person who committed to taking down the enemy aircraft and not someone who just wanted to “steal” a kill.