Following the Roadmap: Skill Bonuses in RP & Selectable Night Battles!

Hundreds of games at 10.0+.
Zero night battles, i want the profile picture.
It is frustrating that it seems like the matchmaker finds a normal game so fast that nightbattles are dissregard.

Does the planets need to allign and have exclusivly night battle flagged people in the queue for it to work?

My view is that I like it. I generally play in a squad, where my squad mate loves bombing. I prefer fighters, so we work well together. I keep him safe, he secures the victory. But the difference in mission points between us is ridiculous. He always out scores me, by at least double, even when I get between 10 and 15 kills. His post match RP used to dwarf mine, but now with this skill reward (although the mission points is still vastly different) the RP reward after the match is now close to even, as it should be.

There you go, on ground, altitude 1721m.


Soooo You won’t be able to use it to see a mountain coming. As it does not measure how close to the ground you are.

Ok guy. Whatever helps you sleep at night.

ok then, at what point during this video would the altimeter have helped me?

no, really, tell me exactly how it would have saved me in foggy weather. go on.

Maybe you two can settle this in private messages? It isn’t exactly spot on topic.

Sorry if that was already answered, I didn’t read the whole topic.

  • Where can I find updated Road-map? The one with marked bits that are completed?
    I’m mainly interested in this:

  • Is there any chatter on possible new road-map next year?