Following the Roadmap: Skill Bonuses in RP & Selectable Night Battles!

There you go, on ground, altitude 1721m.


Soooo You won’t be able to use it to see a mountain coming. As it does not measure how close to the ground you are.

Ok guy. Whatever helps you sleep at night.

ok then, at what point during this video would the altimeter have helped me?

no, really, tell me exactly how it would have saved me in foggy weather. go on.

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Maybe you two can settle this in private messages? It isn’t exactly spot on topic.

Sorry if that was already answered, I didn’t read the whole topic.

  • Where can I find updated Road-map? The one with marked bits that are completed?
    I’m mainly interested in this:

  • Is there any chatter on possible new road-map next year?

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Gaijin, this simply is not enough, especially since you’re spitting out more vehicles faster than most players can grind at a reasonable pace. You are rewarding those who can be lucky enough to achieve the kills needed for the booster effect, which for many players are having a hard time as people who have the best line-up (and often the highest tier) abuse the experience for new players, and you couple that with a sore experience of SLOWLY progressing through the thousands of vehicles for them to research.

There should be more ways to have players earn SL and RP, and there’s plenty of suggestions out there that many people believe would be most beneficial, often you ignore however.

Here are some suggestions that I read from other players that deem worthy to be an effective tool to help progress the tech tree, as well as my own(which I marked with ‘*’):

  1. Tonnage of bombs dropped on targets
  2. Capturing of points yield x1, x2, x3 rewards respectively as this is a critical necessity to win match
  3. Awards give increasing bonuses per award achieved
  4. Killing higher BR vehicles rewards more SL and RP than what we get now
  5. Defending a point offers more SL and RP (taking shells and surviving while also killing enemies reward extra bonuses)
  6. Assisting your team by repairs should offer RP and SL, this is a positive reinforcement for players to be more team players.
    *7 Perhaps adding double RP on weekends, more people would play actively and feel more obligated to enjoy the grind a little more

Gaijin, the list can go on. Stop blindsiding us with dry promises and lighten the deafening grind we are all are going through. We understand the game is free-to-play and you have to make your money; I’m sure people would feel more interested in spending money in this game if it didn’t feel like a chore just to move up one rank every week or two and vehicles costing what a AAA game title costs nowadays.

I am not sure if you can motivate them to change their mind.

I claimed here that they shall rename the “skill” bonus in “kill” bonus and introduce a kind of “MVP” bonus for players skilled enough to play the objective and to get some other rewards, but i have seen no reaction so far.

And frankly spoken, with the wording “ultimate goal is to kill other players” they give the game the official reason to be played: It is a plain shooter like CoD, and nothing else.

So the guys farming rookies in meta planes / tanks are their preferred customers - and if a rookie wants to compete he has to spend money to get a least the same equipment.

That everything else in the game (like playing other objectives than killing others) is just implemented to lure rookies to play the game in order to play victim for more experienced players is the underlying message.

Therefore i renew my request to implement a reward like in every other shooter - a kind of “top player killed” reward - name it “skill doesn’t matter”…


We could just play one vehicle and that way everyone gets low RP bonuses and we can all just happily grind out the tech trees tiers year by year no matter the skill level or awesome new bonuses.

If we’re making night battles completely optional can we just remove NVG as modifications? Just make them stock.

Well… I’m playing a sim battle right now, got 10 kills, but there is no ‘skill bonus’…

Will you ever add it to air sim, or are the devs just going to keep blatantly gaslight the community?

So far, your company have been punishing the playerbase by limiting the rewards in SIM EC, using an excuse so revolting as: ‘To punish the cheaters.’

You’re not punishing the cheaters by destroying a gamemode, but you’re punishing the playerbase, who is actually playing the game.

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