Following the Roadmap: Skill Bonuses in RP & Selectable Night Battles!

Arcade battles got markers.




I do remember Gajin promised that no module would have specific use or rewards for only one game mode, arcade players have to unlock night vision modules too, in fact taking longer than realistic players, and those marked you speak of at BR 10.0 are useless unless you have the rangefinder or laser rangefinder modification.

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What they have done is KISS (keep it small&simple). If they would not do it that way, we would see many many threads here with “Why do I get A but lesser player gets B. That is so unfair!”. The clearness of the award far outweighs its limited scope.

And imho, they did it quite OK. Other “skills” are either RP rewarded heavily already (like capping or base bombing) or will ultimately lead to kills.

Like the precision you mention. If it doesn’t lead to kills, then you may take too much time. But KISS says, if you kill it, you have likely done something right anyway.

Well, we already have a “measurment” of “skills” built in the game. It’s the score points for useful actions we can see in the score board. The most “KISS” would be to base the reward on the score.
For example:

  • 1000 - 1500 > +15% RP
  • 1501 - 2000 > +50% RP
  • 2001+ > +100% RP
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But they are obviously after PvP skills here.

Why chance to get into night battle is so low?
In 3 days, 100+ battles i didnt any night…

Maybe it’s worth considering creating another, dedicated queue just for night battles.
Possibly increase the chance of getting into a night battle.
At this point it looks like a useless button has been added to the interface…

You have an issue again with using the same generic NPC response with 0 thought put into it. Situations dictate whether you need to fly low or not. Having clouds and fog completely cover mountains and side of rock pillars is a death sentence regardless. Use your brain.

What happen to the mechanic for accepting an apology for a TK and waving the triple repair cost? Has that not been added yet?

I do. It is called my altimeter. It lets me know when I get too close to the ground. Sounds like you aren’t thinking.

if you fly towards a wall, will your altimeter increase before you hit it? no.
so if you’re flying towards a mountain you cant see in fog. your altimeter won’t help you.


Yes it will be cause the ground goes up. Learn how altimeters work.

do you mean radar, laser, sonic, pressure or gps altimeter?
or the one we have in game?

also, if the ground goes up to fast (i.e too steep mountain) you have no time to react before you hit the mountain. just google how many times a plane has crashed into a mountain in fog.
(Unsure here, but) The version we have in game i’m pretty sure is meters above sea level. not meters above ground.

Simple check: Look at it before takeoff.

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Hi Necronomica:
It is meters (or Feet, depends on your measurement settings) above sealevel.
I saw it at the beginning of a testflight. i spawned on the the runway, i think it was the russian low tier version, something about 180 meters above sealevel.

Make a note before you take off. That simple. 2 seconds is not going to affect how many kills you get.

this so called (S)kill bonus is absolutely atrociously implemented. Kill Stealing has increased, no matter how much damage you do to a plane you wont get the credit for it. even worse, (enemy) squadmates will start to grief you by killing their teammates to deny you the kill.


I don’t really observe an increased kill stealing.

Hundreds of games at 10.0+.
Zero night battles, i want the profile picture.
It is frustrating that it seems like the matchmaker finds a normal game so fast that nightbattles are dissregard.

Does the planets need to allign and have exclusivly night battle flagged people in the queue for it to work?

My view is that I like it. I generally play in a squad, where my squad mate loves bombing. I prefer fighters, so we work well together. I keep him safe, he secures the victory. But the difference in mission points between us is ridiculous. He always out scores me, by at least double, even when I get between 10 and 15 kills. His post match RP used to dwarf mine, but now with this skill reward (although the mission points is still vastly different) the RP reward after the match is now close to even, as it should be.