Following the Roadmap: In-Game Wishlist Functionality and Steam Friends List Integration

Hey everyone! In our previous Roadmap news we mentioned that two features, the in-game wishlist functionality and the Steam friends list integration were being delayed.

Thanks for your patience on this. We’re pleased to say that both have been implemented into the game today, and in this article we’ll be taking a quick look at both.

We’ve also updated the Roadmap infographic, which can be seen at the end of this article. Let’s take a look!

In-Game Wishlist Functionality and Gifting through it!

You can now create your personal wishlist by adding any vehicle to it! To do this, hover over a vehicle and press the “Add to Wishlist” button. You’ll be presented with a pop-up window where you can write a comment of your choice.

To get to your wishlist, you can hover over the vehicle again once it’s been added and click “Go to Wishlist”, or access it through Shop > Wishlist in the hangar.

Within your wishlist, you’re able to see information about the vehicle, your comment, plus the price and the date that you added it. You can filter several different options such as vehicle type, nation, rank, what is available for purchase and if there’s a discount available.

If you’re no longer interested in a vehicle, you can remove it — the wishlist has a maximum of 100 vehicles that can be added, so this will give you free space. Purchasing a vehicle that’s on your wishlist will automatically remove it.

To view a friend’s wishlist, find and click on them in your friends list and then click “Go to Wishlist”. You’ll only be able to see their wishlisted vehicles that can be gifted through the Gaijin Store.

Only vehicles that are in the Gaijin Store can be gifted. Please note that gifting through the wishlist is only available to PC players who don’t play the game through Steam. It’s not possible to receive gifts if you play the game on an account created via Steam and have no email linked to it.

For further details on gifting through the in-game wishlist please refer to this support article.

When gifting a friend through their wishlist, the Gaijin Store will open and you’ll be able to gift as normal.

If you’d like to add vehicles to your wishlist just for yourself, you can turn off the ability for friends to view your wishlist under the Options > Main parameters > Privacy and Confidentiality setting.

Steam Friends List Integration

Your Steam friends list is now shown in-game! You can find it by going to your in-game Contacts list, where there’s now a new “Steam friends” section. This section displays your friends and their Steam avatars, nicknames and presence status: Online on War Thunder and Online or Offline on Steam. Friends who have War Thunder can be interacted with the same way regular contacts can.

You can also add them to your regular War Thunder friends list, where their Steam account information (avatars for example) is displayed instead of their in-game War Thunder avatar.

Updated Roadmap infographic

Be sure to share it with your friends!

Note that the “Additional effects on crews when armor is penetrated. For example, fire in the fighting compartment, concussion of weapon operators when armor is penetrated” feature was replaced with “Introduction of new additional modules for ground vehicles” as a result of user polling.

Until next time,

The War Thunder Team


Is gifting available for PlayStation or Xbox accounts?


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The link leads to " You’re not authorized to access this page" for me :(

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Checking, thanks!

Edit: fixed! Thanks!


Did players really ask for this?


I didn’t but I like it. Much easier to build a wishlist and check all the vehicles you want during a sale than having to check every tree separately. Was it a priority to the game, most likely not but still it seems a improvement to me.

It’s just a bit slow to add vehicles to the wishlist, some take a few seconds others half a minute.


Just to clarify and make sure I’m on the same page you can only gift if you use the standalone launcher, players who play through steam can’t gift but can receive gifts if their account is linked to

I need wishlist for the marketplace.
I am tired of having to put 0.1 buy orders on items I want because the marketplace lacks a wishlist! A good chunk of players do this which in turn artificially inflates the buy order side and skews the real supply / demand dynamic.

Yes, I think I made a suggestion a while back about marketplace wishlisting.

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You can add Gaijin Market vehicles on this wishlist. I’m doing just that right now to the ones I don’t own yet.

Yes, but it would have been much better to have it integrated directly on the marketplace website.

It would be better if it showed the Gaijin Market prices directly on this wishlist, instead of having to go to there and check. But they could also add a wishlist there.

I like this one in the game cause it has all vehicles, regular tree ones, ingame premiums, squadron vehicles, Gaijin Store vehicles and Gaijin Market vehicles. Just lacking the market prices in my opinion.

The infographic is really low resolution, i cant read the text on it.


That would have been absolutely superb.

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Click on the image first to enlarge it and then save it. I’m reading it on a tablet.

when i open it, and/or save it, i get an image with the resolution 940x529 pixels. If i make an effort i can read it but it hurts my eyes (astigmatism and nearsightedness does not help either).

My image is 2160x1216 pixels, here:

If you can’t still read I can zoom in, screen it and post here.


That is WAY better. thx. this one is 2140x1216 pixels.
must be something weird with their upload, perhaps they mixed up mobile version and desktop version of the image?

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No problem, I’m saving it on a Surface tablet PC with it’s weird resolution.

Why is Steam users not included in the gifting mechanic?