FN Tricar T3 w/ 13.2 mm - Literally a bike with a gun

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The FN Tricar was a Belgian military motorcycle produced right before World War 2.

In February 1940, the Belgian army ordered 88 FN Tricar motorcycles armed with the FN-Browning 13.2 mm machine gun, which is present in-game on some Swedish fighters, or with a Hotchkiss 13.2 mm machine gun. Sources disagree, but they could fire the same rounds.

Unfortunately, none could be delivered to the army before the German invasion.

I wish I could say more, but they are quite literally, tricars with a gun on it.

Here is the Abomination:

Specifications - FN Tricar T3


FN-Browning 13.2 mm machine gun
Hotchkiss 13.2 mm machine gun

  • AP: Penetration at 0m and 0°: 28 mm
  • HEF-T




FN 2 cylinder engine (22 hp)
Max. speed: 75 km/h
4-speed transmission
Power to weight ratio: ~40 hp per ton


2 (Driver, Gunner)


Mass: 425 kg empty, 1100 kg max.
Length: 3.3 m
Width: 1.6 m

This could be a very fun vehicle in game, while it is supposed to be an anti-aircraft vehicle, you might be tempted to kill some light tanks with the Tricar’s quick speed and sufficient armament.
Who wouldn’t want to kill some salty players with a bike?

While it is a wheeled vehicle, it had excellent off-road capabilities, being capabable of climbing a 40% slope with a load of 550 kg without difficulty!
And to improve the climbing performance, the driver could connect a gearbox. In this case, the Tricar could climp up any slope until the wheels lost their grip. In other words, the Tricar began to slip before it ran out of power.

This abomination could go to a Benelux tree to start off the SPAA line, or maybe to France as an event vehicle, although the connection is a bit weak.



Wikipedia states there was an armored prototype as well… maybe without weapons, but still interesting, maybe there are some photos around internet
+1 for France as Benelux isn’t coming any soon


+1 because funny


is there any more info on the gun? the full name of 13,2-mm-modified Browning, the ammo capacity of the machine gun? and maybe the height just so I use it somewhere else…

well it’s either an FN-Browning or Hotchkiss machine gun, both of them are already in the game (the former on some swedish planes and the latter on that french AA)


Looks very efficient. I’l take it)

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I would say yes however this will probably open a somehow weird precedent for paramilitary vehicles such as civilian pickup truck with anti-tank gun/MG/mortar/rocket launcher.

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I see what you mean but it isn’t really a technical as it was mostly used for transport by the army

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