Flying Aircraft carrier that actaully existed

Vakhmistrov would call his creation, Zveno (where in Russian the word ‘Zveno’ means ‘Chain Link’ or a ‘flight’ as pertains to a combat unit). The basis of Vakmistrov’s flying aircraft carriers would be the Tupolev TB-1 and later TB-3, the largest bombers of their time. Over a dozen configurations would be tested using various fighter aircraft. But development would be protracted, and it wouldn’t be until the summer of 1941 that Zveno carriers would help make a meaningful contribution to the defense of the Soviet Union.It would be really cool if they were added

This could be an interesting test event.

I’ve seen pictures of these about the place, and it would be a cool thing to have 2-4 i-16s on the wings.


These are the wiki results. ‘Tupolev mothership’ returns results in google

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huh… i sense an event coming… and it reminds me of a certain ace combat mission

There’s USA versions at least with experimental plane test flights. I mean it used to be a launch technique for some vehicles as far as I know.

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Obviously these are way cooler for in-game.

It 's been a long time since the devs have acknowledged the Zveno project.


It’s weird that Gaijin never added the plane to War Thunder.

The TB-3 is in game, just unobtainable