Flugabwehrfahrzeug M16A1

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After the founding of the new German army in late 1955, America started to supply the Bundeswehr with various equipment. Most of this transfer of machinery and weapons was followed through with in 1956, and one of these things were a total of 192 M16A1 SPAAG platforms, which served with the Bundeswehr from 1956, to 1962.

The Bundeswehr realised quite quickly, that especially compared to the wartime German half-track types, like the Sd.Kfz 251, the M16A1 was lackluster, since the driving-comfort and ergonomics of the vehicle were considered not favourable. Even though the M16A1 was faster and easier to maintain, it was reported, that the type was less capable cross-country and the lack of certain technical features, like a synchromesh and laterally differentiable traction, made the M16A1 look like a downgrade, compared to the half-tracks which Germany had used during the war.

The quadmounted 12,7mm HMG’s were also considered not effective against modern jet-powered fighters. At best, the M16A1 could be used as either close-range anti-helicopter weapon, or as a heavy MG platform against infantry.

The M16 itself was considered obsolete by Germany since it’s introduction, and was phased out of service in 1962.

The difference between the M16 and M16A1 is, that the M16A1 was using an M3A1 halftrack as base, which was a simplified version of the T1 halftrack, made by International Harvester, which was primarily meant for countries in the Military Assistance Program. The M3A1 chassis did not have collapsible walls like the T1, and therefore the M45D quadmount had to be heightened by around 35cm, which then got redesignated as M45F quadmount. Furthermore, a gun-shield was added for better protection against infantry.







Crew: 3

Height: 2,5m

Length: 6,41m

Width: 1,96m

Weight: 9,8 tons

Top-speed: 72km/h

Engine: White 160AX, 6 cylinder, 147hp


4x M2HB 12,7mm Browning HMG (4800 rounds)


I think it would be a good rank II premium, or a vehicle for an event or battlepass. Just my personal thoughts, since this vehicle wouldn’t be needed from a gameplay standpoint, but it’s still a cool part of early German post-war military history. The BR would obviously be 2.3, same as for the American M16 MGMC, since I don’t think the gunshield would make too much of a difference in War Thunder.

If you spot a mistake or want to add something, please let me know. :salute:



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I enjoy every single one of these vehicles, i hope we get more, whether needed or not

would make a great event vehicle, considering most if not all beutepanzers in the game are premiums

The M16A1 isn’t a Beutepanzer, it was used after the war by the West German Bundewehr since 1956 as the first SPAAG for the new army.

my bad, I assumed it was a captured halftrack they modified. makes more sense the west germans had it

Well, this SPAA, while not much in terms of high ranks and BRs, would still be an interesting option to have a pure bundeswehr (roleplay) loadout, for those who haven’t unlocked anything better.

A german M16, why not +1.