(fluff) New day, time to find out that tog is now 5.7

I swear everyday that thing’s br is being increased during datamines


Wow now it’s totally useless.

5.3*, which is what I predicted.

Just wait, some few extra mm’s and it’s gonna be 5.7.
Tomorrow, it’s 6.0
And then it will get back to 5.0 at most when people will play it


it got increased armor with Every BR increase

What are you complaining about exactly?

The togii will be just fine at 5.3, its got a great gun, and decent armor. Sure everything can pen it, but thats the same storry with the maus, yet you dont see us crying over the maus being extremely slow and having useles armor against heatfs at 7.7.

I have no doubt as a maus enjoyer ill have a 2.0+ k/d in the togii.

But if you dont think youd have the skill to do well with the togii then dont play it.




The tiger h1 has decent armor, but everything can pen it when you dont angle.

I also said decent, not great.

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Still a contradiction. the problem with the tog isnt really the hull armour, but the turret armour. its got massive weakspots where the armour is 60mm thick and you cant angle it at all. Tell me where the tiger has 60mm of armour. the cupola is its only weakspot and its inconsistent at best. The gun has high pen. it will have the same issues as all the rest of the british guns firing only solid shot, in that it will non pen at the first sign of any volumetric, and has very poor post pen damage.

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You might wanna fact check yourself there.

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Feel free to correct me

Youve got war thunder, you can open the game and check the togii

Oh nice, it got buffed to 90mm. the point still stands. massive weakspots that you can’t angle, that everything can pen

Remember EBR’s? Same for those …
Don’t see why TOG should be considered differently.

Now, you just have to cope it. ^^"

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Yeah and thats why the togii is 5.3 and the tiger h1 which shouldve never been 5.3 is back up at 5.7.

Its got more hull armor than the kv85, and slightly worse turret armor (cast armor modifier on the kv85) though armor angle and shape is much better on the kv85 turret.

Its armor is also better than the m6a1.

I just feel bad for my fellow 5.3 BR players who will have to suffer me with my single spawn TOG that can be penetrated by everybody

Every 3.7 tank can pen the ting frontally with a bit of aim.
Every 4.7 tank can pen it frontally with a little bit of aim.
Every 5.3 tank can lol pen it everywhere (except for the US because they use the same gun until 5.7 XD)

And remember. this thing goes an average of 7km/h with a max of 10km/h.

It also still has the wrong turret armour (the one chnage which would actually warrant an up BR). Because it should be 102mm of turret all round with another 20mm of liner.

And? Is armour now the 100% BR determining ratio? When IS 4 to 10.0? When Maus to 11.0?
The thing got 20mm more armour and that somehow is almost a full BR increase? It is now at the Old Tiger BR. With worse armour, a worse gun, no mobility and no versatility.

And anyone who claims the 17pounder is “a great/good gun” go play it. A T34 is immune to the gun if not hit center mass and unangles. even a slight angle and it looses all its pen. Because Gaijin still believes that solid shot rounds, used by the british because of their better angle performance and higher penetration, somehow have less pen and far worse angle pen than any other APHE round.

A Non capped APHE has better ange pen than a capped solid shot round.

Yea 17pounder can be great, but us 76 is just better XD

Both tanks youve named there have mobility and arent the size of a house
They have much better guns, because they have a better reload and actual post pen damage, but can still penetrate anything at the BR. The Tog will be a bomb magnet apart from anything else and is impossible to hide or flank or do anything with except push roughly straight towards the enemy and hope that your armour can save you, which it wont at all at 5.3. It would have been a decent vehicle at 4.7, ok at 5.0, but is now bascially Panther fodder.

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ok zo put this discussion to an end, I took it for a spin now that you can get it

and honestly it’ll be fine at 5.7, I can One tap Tigers ans Panthers with basic aim and tanked dozens of shots from both the entire match

especially the steady gun and fast moving turret make this a Beast

I even got a Bloody Plane with it

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nightmares come true : TOG II