Flaring/Dodging a Missile Should Carry RP/SL Rewards

As I stated knowledge of positioning is an important factor.

You can use your minimap to help you see where your team is and you can use “C” to scan around you 360 degrees.

Before we continue, are you aware or unaware what the word patronizing means?

I’d prefer we bring back rewards for proximity first. I’ve had a couple games where I get stuck into a long dogfight with one or more enemies where I’ve been able to prevent them getting a shot on me, but by the time I’ve gotten into a position where I can reverse them/energy trap them/outmanuever them, some friendly comes by and third parties it, leaving me with literally no score for minutes of skillful flying.

This is especially annoying in the jet tiers, and especially for energy fighters at these tiers, since planes are so quick it’s much easier for teammates to come in and “help” you by stealing your kill before you have the chance.

Even in situations where the dogfight is a stalemate, or even if I’m losing, what I’ve done is bait an enemy to blow all of their positioning and energy and set them up for a teammate, and I don’t even see an assist for it.

So readd rewards for proximity to the enemy, add in manuever kill rewards, and add this with a non-insignificant rewards.

I’d also prefer that but gaijin has hard denied this in the past as far as I know and they removed it themselves in the first place.

Also congratulations, I think you’re the first one to actually get the point here with this.