Flare-Chaff separation launch

Things that wt players ALWAYSE WANTED
Flare-chaff separation launch

War Thunder Screenshot 2023.10.28 -

just like this!
THIS is the most needed patch in the current War thunder
Gaijin, i know you can do this


Now within a formal area, Either that option or add a second cycle weaponry option but for countermeasures.

It does baffle me the developers of this game can bring to light extremely complex systems & armaments to this platform but the simple ability to switch countermeasures is some either hard to make option or just piled behind backlogs of other advanced systems needing to be added.

Still a separate countermeasure switch would theoretically allow aircraft with countermeasure pods that contain hundreds of chaff loads & a small amount of flares to be finally added as example the countermeasure pods for certain Swedish attackers.

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maybe just like BMP-2’s missile

they could make a brand new weapon type
the Countermeasures are now coded as a MG which makes it very hard to do something with it

but they could make seperated β€œflare” weapon and β€œchaff” weapon

make a brand new weapon loadout(not the secondary weapon)
in the offensive armament

hide multiple loadouts from offensive loadout list, but you can change it in the flare list

sorry for bad English but you know what i’m saying right?

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