FlaRakRad secret buff

Did Gajin buff the German FlaRakRad in secret because lately I see a lot of KA-50 and some KA-52 shot down by this FlaRakRad and low flying jets.

It’s probably due to steam sale.

Shooting a KA-52 with flarakrad has always been extremely easy, they literally cannot maneuver / dodge.

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The majority of Ka-50s climb into the sky and do not react to their RWR or MAWS.

20 days ago they changed the VT1s, maybe thats what youre reffering to.
wasnt in the patch notes either, only found it from datamines.

theryre much better at closer ranges, can confirm.

I though so because I see last weeks more jets and helicopters shot down in battles by FlaRakRad.