Please do not even remotely believe the snail BS about using your tank for flanking. As soon as you do you are immediately warned about returning to the battlefield. Which is just the snail’s devious method of setting you up for a kill. My last game I exceeded the boundary, which by the way seems NOT to exit for planes, and while attempting to return I was OS within about 30 second of the game beginning.
Likewise you newbies, please do not believe that crap shown in X-ray protection. It never works.
Yes I have played nearly 900 days so far and luckily money is not an issue.

Sir, flanking doesn’t mean going outside map boundaries.
And aircraft do have map boundaries for themselves.
X-Ray shows accurate positions in nearly all vehicles.


Respectfully, not directed at you my friend,
A two second mistake with a ground unit can easily become 15 seconds of getting back. During that time you are fair game. Please, and the snail haa never answered this, why are air boundaries different than ground units. It’s not like they have don’t enough advantage already. Given their obvious advantage over ground units one would think they should be under stricter guide lines.
Just my two cents

The X-Rays have been proven head scratching at best. No offense
Yesterday for example my Tiger II H SLa was locked muzzle to muzzle with an IS 2, after 4 rounds into various points of his anatomy, he finally fell to one of my mates. X-ray verification, better luck finding who left the coke in the White House

It sounds like you’re equating flanking with leaving the boundaries of the map, that’s not what the tactic is referencing whatsoever.

What players typically reference is using your vehicle outside of the main lanes towards objectives, which can be difficult with the traction punishing players for leaving the central lanes, but it is possible in specific vehicles. Also, flanking isn’t a be-all end-all automatic path to victory, just like any other tactic, it has counterplay. Use it sparingly and make judgements on when and when not to be more aggressive, more passive, when to flank, etc.

Best of luck.

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You are very correct, just another tactic. But so easily turned against you I may just put it on the back burner for a while.
And best of luck to you my Friend

You mean, confine aircraft to the boundaries of the ground map? The same aircraft that can cross the entire length of that ground map in 3-5 seconds? The same aircraft that can often require the entire radius of the ground map just to turn around?

Those aircraft? Yeah cant see why that’d end badly.

Rest of it just sounds like a skill issue on your part


Hahaha ! 😆

For flanking, there’s no need to position yourself outside the boundaries of the map.
You just need to find a way to flank the enemy (at 50 or 2000m, it’s all the same).

+1 @RemiliaScarlet_

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So you dont know how to flank and its Gaijins fault. Classic.

huh? just… huh?


To Remalia Scarlet, I appreciate your insight and helpfullness
As for the others with their pathetic predictable comments, hope you feel cleansed

Well, you made a really silly rant post which showed a very severe lack of basic understanding of the game or common sense. And your first couple of replies were just insulting others for suggesting that common sense to you.

Im not sure what else you expected other than to be laughed at?


During early years of ground battles maps were much much larger and almost all of them had flanking routes that light/medium tanks can flank the enemy and often get many kills unless there were good players watching flanks. Obviously matches were taking a lot longer often longer than 20 minutes but you know what it was the most fun i had in war thunder. Flanking german heavy tanks with my M26 and killing them one by one was just priceless. Today maps are tiny and vast majority of them don’t even have flanking routes anymore and you are forced to head-on engagement. In such tiny maps stronger team overwhelming and pushing for enemy spawn in no time and matches end in few minutes. This is one of main reasons why people don’t spawn anymore as it will only increase repair cost. I really wish to see larger versions of maps again, in case you have no idea vast majority of maps actually have larger versions but they are not in circulation. I don’t know what was gaijin’s reasoning like reducing average match time or something but this really ruined ground battles for a lot of players…

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Now there’s one thing I would like to bring up, kind of related to “flanking” and the “out of bounds”. I have a good big screen TV I play on with the ps4. So I can clearly see things well.

But on the Artic Circle winter map, I experienced something the other day I didn’t like. I guess they’ve changed some locations to off limits recently and I didn’t know about this one. When you spawn out of the lower spawn /right side, there are tall hills to the right you can climb if you go around the back. It would over see the entire battlefield. So I climbed it almost to the very top, it was saying return to the battlefield, but did not have the timer on, yet. Once I got near the top it did do the timer. But I was in my ADATS which moves fairly slow, so with the little hills and holes I couldn’t leave in time and blew up for out of bounds.

One thing I noticed when I spawned back in - the mini map is of course all white from the snow, and the hills on the right and the left are vaguely highlighted in pink stripes and color, to signal off limits. But it is barely visible, barely pink enough to see. It’s almost white so hard to see on the map. Or else I wouldn’t have tried to climb the hills in the first place. I think they need to make the off limits color bolder at least on this map, to avoid this problem.

Anyone else notice this?

They took away all the good spots and made them out of bounds on purpose. Filter the ground units to certain areas and make it easier for the Air units. And if you do not think this is done on purpose then maybe you should go redo your education.

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Maps were half the size they are today.

None of that makes things easier for air units.
It makes it easier for the ground players to come up with tactics.

Coming from a pilot must have to take your word as the truth. I enjoy jumping in a plane a time or two but when you only make it to where you only have one or two ways to a cap and all roads lead to head to head face offs, with other areas now made out of bounds for ground which we could use as your so called strategy, we now have less options for so called strategy.

Yeah, I miss mountain goaters.
However, this does make a more balanced game & makes ground tactics a bit easier.

This sentence only means you haven’t been playing WT long enough as every old map has much larger versions than in circulation. And care to explain those ground tactics which supposedly become easier in smaller maps? Hill camping was indeed an issue in the past but this was also the reason why flanking was both so important and rewarding. Also dealing with hill camping was a lot more fun than dealing with enemies reaching your spawn in few minutes so your argument again fails…