Oh dear, what a bollocks map. If your playing on a 27" monitor and all the graphics in the world all you have to do is sit back and snipe from way back. Spawn sniping one of the biggest gripes in WT, but what does Gaijin do, yup another flat as **** map…

I wonder if you genuinely were the one sniping, or the one who actually got sniped.

(Edit - Didn’t even get sniped… You got pushed up on…)

(edit 2 - You’re also joining EXTREMELY late… You want to run SSD if possible, and maybe even turn off the join in progress matches to get you into fresh matches so you can be ‘in’ earlier)

Yes, exactly, I was one of the ones sniping. You cant get far enough up the map before you have to snipe back. Just came out of game, bugged out after 2nd death as its a hopeless map. I will be adding it to my ignore list.

You weren’t one of those sniping.

The 2 times you’ve encountered that map, you’ve hardly got past halfway in the map, and your shots are all taken at less than a km.

I play on a laptop, I dont have fancy anything hardware wise. I have to play with graphic set to ultra low and barely get 16 fps. I consider anything close to my spawn as “at distance”. The last game I played I didn’t get far in to the map, got one kill at range then died from range as best I can tell.

Nuff said eh?

They’re not spawn sniping you though, you’re moving out and engaging, and being taken out in the process.

You’re joining late meaning you are actually so late they’re already across the field in the first instance, and I’d hazard a guess that because this is the situation, that it’s not just this map…