Flanders: A New Ground Location With A New Format!

In the “Kings of Battle” major update, we’ll be introducing a new location for ground battles: Flanders! This location is special — it’ll be the first in the game where the landscape adapts to the era of vehicles that are participating in the battle. Let’s dive into the details!

Meet Flanders!

Flanders is a brand new location for ground battles, which is set in the beautiful landscapes of coastal France on the border with Belgium. Amongst the tulip fields, windmills and against the backdrop of an old town, a wide line of defense is in place, bristled with barbed wire and a complex set of trenches and fortifications. The southern part of the map has many artillery bomb craters — where the southern team begins their offensive. The northern team is located on the outskirts of an urban area, and in the center of the map, an armored train is stuck on the tracks in a destroyed train station.

Flanders adapts to the era of vehicles

The highlight of Flanders is its adaptive environment, which changes depending on the rank of the battle. If you’re using classics of the mid-20th century, horse-drawn carriages are located throughout the streets of the town, and among the trenches lies the wreckage of a fallen airship. In battles with more modern vehicles, you’ll see towns that have turned into cozy tourist centers, and the fallen airship replaced with a crashed modern transport aircraft.

In your matches: Pro-tips when playing on Flanders by Evgeniy Yakovlev, Flanders Map Designer: The best tactic for the southern team would be to occupy the high ground near the railroad tracks. When on the northern team, try to occupy the trenches, and use them to hide from crossfire, engaging the enemy team on the approaches to the capture points. Make sure to move along the main roads to reach capture points as safely as possible, and use the small bridge arches to not risk crossing the railway track in your tank!

Flanders will be part of the map rotation for ground battles with the release of the “Kings of Battle” major update. Share your thoughts about this location itself with its new concept of an adaptive environment, as we’ll be reading your feedback on it. Until then, enjoy your matches and see you soon!


How many variants will there be and for what BRs?

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Good question.

@Stona_WT, would be cool if we could see some screenshots from the same map location in different eras!

Do only airship and Galaxy change? Armored train replaced by what? Cars? Maybe even the building style of the houses?

I think i will love this map

A line of dutch tourist caravans.


Very nice concept. Imagine Berlin or Stalingrad map like this…


The latter would need a name change too, though 😁😁

As would Breslau, I suppose

Is it possible to add maps of real cities?
for example some map of new york / moscow both air and ground battle.

Who would not like to do a dogfight with F16 and Mig 29 over New York or over the skies of Paris?


I like the idea, but the fact there is no such thing as historical matchmaking you’ll still get plenty of mismatched era’s, like the new Leopard 40/70 which will drive around T-34s, Shermans and Panzer IVs.

The devs were incredibly lazy with this one.

  1. The train has a nonsensical layout. It doesn’t even have the tender (the real ones had one on each end of the locomotive). It should be symmetrical on each end and I don’t know why they copy and pasted the artillery turret onto the lower carriage, they could have just put a Panzer IV J turret on it and it’d be accurate. Apart from the layout, they got the carriages right in Enlisted and they copy and pasted into War Thunder and messed it up???

  2. What flower is Flanders most heavily famous for? It’s not the tulip. This is extremely basic information for anyone with a hint of knowledge about the Great War. I almost find it disrespectful.



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Stupid Flanders


Oh no. The horror how dare they.

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i see that you are going to add artillery units, you could take advantage of this and at some point add the argentine artillery system TAM Palmaria in germany, besides you could also add the Nahueld DL43. with this you could separate the german tanks from the argentine ones in germany as it happens with south africa in england.


Seeing a more Cold-War esque version would be very cool. Maybe (as I don’t know where this is supposed to be placed in the world) an East/West German cargo plane, or maybe a Tu-95? Is Belgium correct? Maybe this is a hinting towards a Belgian or BeNeLux tech tree?

Or a combined South America tree with Argentina, Chile and Brazil making up the bulk of the vehicles. You could have a tree with very little copy paste if done correctly.


Another eclectic map…

WW1/2 town with a armored train and …automobiles from the 70ties.
Missing are the wind turbines.

Have you actually read the article, including the info that this will be the first map with era-dependent decorations?


No. So a good news. I hope they separate the eras too.

Why are we suddenly listing vehicles? I though this was a devblog on Flanders…