Flakpanzer Gepard 1A2: Rounds Down Range

Again, the radar and tracking never changed there was no upgrade for it, only an update in regards to tracking so it can calculate the necesar lead for FAPDS

If modeled correctly the gepard 1A2 wouldnt habe stingers at all

Gepard1A2 doesnt have thermals, some kimd of night vision device but no thermals, there was test builds with thermals i think but those are complelty other gepards again

Thats for all Spaas, the ozelot only uses stingers as well and i think most spaas at that br range only got manpads

The Gepard1A2 is quite old, older then most scout drones, at that time drones werent to much of a concern yet, thats why the skyranger got developed, partialy specialized with anti drone capability

-Add a Gepard 1A2 to BR 10.0 with full FAPDS belts.
-Rename the current Gepard 1A2 to Gepard 1A2 Prototype, give it full FAPDS belts and move it to 10.3-10.7.
-Folder both vehicles together.

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Propably with the coming new system all gepards gonna be foldered under the original one, with the sweet 50%rp reduction


Please sneak in the gepards APU as well.


I think the radar is as you say, never upgraded, but the tracker and target was definitely updated to support the new FAPDS ammunition, and compensate with algorithms for longer ranges.

I’m terms of the Gepard a2 not having stingers, it did IRL. Just not all where converted since the ozelot (and maybe other systems, but specifically the ozelot) was considered a cheaper alternative (in both production and maintenance)

The Gepard a2 did have upgrade packages to give it thermals (among other things), which would have renamed it Gepard 2. There was a few that where prototyped, but I cant find photo of it as a whole vehicle, but i did find a photo of (part of) the sensors upgrade package itself.

There was also a newer attempt, specifically using the PUMA IFVs gunner sight (EOTS II) integrated into the targeting computer. I found a photo of a converted test bed model, including a video of it live firing in tandem with a 2nd testbed model. There are a few dozen of these to exist to my knowledge.

Gepard with Puma IFV thermal and ranging sensors tied into the targeting computer.
1980-90 sensor upgrade package (not fully adopted due to cost of retrofitting)

I suppose that some of the other AA at that BR have similar issues, but not all, and generally the gepard is by far the weakest. I mean look at the American 10.0 AA. for .3 br higher (which at this br level, is nothing since you always get uptiered), you get a 25mm chain gun with 3/4th loaded HVAP belts, like 8 stingers (with 8 spare), better radar, and anti tank rockets that pen in excess of 290mm, not to mention its on a crazy fast wheeled platform, and is like 25% less high and overall smaller, and it gets full thermals.

That is a HUGE improvement, an that’s just once example. Sure some of the other SPAA dont have guns, but they do have better, longer range missiles0 both at higher and lower br, which at this br is WAY more useful when your fighting outer space camping JETs slinging precision munitions 8+km, nuking your team.

I cant find the original source, but i do remember hearing in a interview somewhere (pretty sure it was like a tank chats episode) that the gepard was able to track commercial drone at ranges of 100m out to about 2km. I don’t see why it is completely unable to deal with drones, when drones at that br can be a determiner of winning and loosening do the the amount of information they can give your team. It seems that they should have some method of being combated by AA. Id say id use the Stingers, but i can never get them to hit. You lock on, launch, and it flied directly at it, and within like the last 100m it veers off randomly every time like it was jammed, which it should not due given the AIM-92k missiles is IR/UV locked with anti jamming and flair countermeasures programed in to them. It should be able to hit a drone it locked on to flying in a straight, unmoving line easily, even if it is small. Soon as it locks on that should be it.

Side note,
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jup like i said

not used in the german army, the ones with stingers was a test version for germans when they tried it out but never saw use in the german military

like i said another gepard version alltogether, not the current gepard in the game

cant say much to this since i never used it, but as far as i am aware the LVAD onbly gets 66mm penetration with the HVAP round, while the gepard gets 127 mm penetration with the side ammo, and even then the API-T has 68mm as well, so the tank hunter ability of the gepard is quite a bit stronger, personaly i just use the default belt as general use they are best for mixed use

of course, but the problem is that the gepard is a used as a tank destroyer a lot and is multipurpose depending on the situation you will make more ground kills with it then air

I am not sure but i dont think any spaa can lock the scout drones

you would need the proxy stingers for that if anything for such a small target, the problem is that those are bugged on the Gepard1A2 and cant currently be used

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Even when i was using the Ozelot, the 92-k missile have the same issue when they just fly off randomly 95% of the time. I think in my 100+ attempts to shoot them down, i killed maybe like 2, the rest where just haywire missiles. even with rear aspect lock (drone engine).

I highly recommend you test them to see what i mean

Some can. and some vehicles that are not AA can also do so (like puma, 2s38, and so on)

Given the current meta of either everything being either light tanks (type 16, WV, or Rakenpanzer 90, etc) or pure MBT/hybrid tanks, the it is very difficult to get kills with the Gerard against ground targets in this BR, since literally everything else (including the AA) is thermal and has APFSDS. Most maps at this BR where very far ranges, so the slight benefit in pen on the standard belt does not do me any good against hoards of abrams, t-72/80 tanks, merkavas and chinese ztz96 tanks (and so on). I would trade my guns for better (and reliable) rockets any day when i’m rocking my AA, otherwise i will just take any other tank… to kill tanks…

its like the r3 in many ways. its sheer volume of fire with the HVAP belts that shreds tanks. Even though its like 5 less pen than the Gerard belt, its still good enough to kill pretty much everything armor wise in and above its br, especially from the side (which is what the Gerard has to do anyway). Not to mention its AT rockets do 290mm of pen, like i said, meaning it can kill most things frontally if forced to, quite easily, something the gepard is incapable of. Its also got gen 2/3 thermals, and over 4x more AA missiles, which makes it significantly better at fighting helacopters, sicne they usually fly below radar and hide in the forest lines 4+km away. so thermals are a HUGE advantage there (on top of for fighting other vehicles in forests and stuff)

Yes, but there ARE Gerard a2 variants with thermals. Some with the OG 1980 stuff that just never got fully adopted, and modern retrofit stuff.

The Current in game a2 version should have the 1980 upgrade sight package with gen 1 thermals. It already had the Laser range finder upgrade, which was part of that upgrade package anyway.

I would also like to see the modernized retrofit version (Gepard 1 a2(r) ?) at maybe like 10.0 since it wouldn’t change much over the normal a2 at 9.7, other than allowing it to track drones, and upgrade the 1980 gen 1 thermals to like gen 3.

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tried with the ozelot in test drive, seems like stingers have a certain minimum distance, before that they dont guide

I cant get them to work against scout drones at any range. I have even done rear aspect locks with the drone at like 1-2km away, and they still veer off randomly 95% of the time. It seems to loose lock or something within the last 20m and just fly’s off randomly, and even with the proxy on the 92k, it still never gets close enough to trigger it before it veers off.

There is no reliable way for the Gepard AA to protect their team by destroying the scout drones.

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T80B got thermals, because they once tried them on the one which was trialed at Sweden.

And 2S38 is still not used by russian military, but that didn’t stop them from adding it to the game.

Why other countries won’t get their vehicles in the configuration they were meant to be?
Why T80B and T80U get thermals that were upgrades decades after the introduction of the vehicle, or tested on few prototypes, but gepard can’t get thermals that were tested as prototypes?

These double standards are ridiculous.


Meanwhile, the gepard 1A2 still doesnt get to use its FAPDS belts for “balance” reasons even tho itd roughly match the LAV-AD in pen (tho with more post pen damage)


Also doesn’t have Gepard HE-VT ammunition in real? So would be fair to make it ingame as well

nup doesnt have it, might have confused it with the AHEAD, but even then it can only shoot AHEAD but not programm it. The only missing ammo is the FAPDS

TBF, the missing FAPDS is a big deal and substantially impacts its performance against both aerial and land based targets, which is particularly notable at 9.7 when the only change you received is stingers…

oh yeah definitly, but it is no HE VT or programmed ammo xD

So, what’s the deal?
Why do I need to research DM23, when I can’t put them as my belt, ie I always have 40 of them, even though the they’re slotted in my primary belt and the ammo count reads 2/2 (clips, I guess?)?

the DM23 cant be slotted into the primary slot, they can only be equipped in the secondary ammo slot for emergency use

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I know, but what’s the point of researching DM23 then, when it’s available in a secondary slot, even before it get researched?

Every single game there’s a Z19E decimating blue team.
GJ is wondering why nobody plays this shitty game anymore…

You use the standard anti air ammo, thats its job, Dm23 is an anti tank round not supposed for anti air purpose. Besides that Z-19e is 11.3 i recommend to actualy use the supposed anti air for that job the roland for anti heli purposes. The gepard isnt make to take out enemys 7km away any way and you wouldnt hit them with DM23 either. Gepard is a short range anti air denial

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