Flakpanzer coalian

Is there any chance that new players have chance to get also Flakpanzer coalian cuz this wehicle should not been removed in first place cuz its not fictional like ostwind 2 in my opinion. Now the new players have nothing on 6.0 to 6.7 germany cuz kugel is 7.0 wich is stupidly high for what it is so i like to ask if we get there a chance for other players as well to experience this great wehicle also can we get finally more pen for 3.7cm german AA gun cuz 49mm its just sadddddd i wish there is chance to finally chage this also drop kugel to 6.7 or 6.3 cuz is basicly pz4 hull on basicly 8.0 in up tier take that in mind and at 8.0 its impossible to use that im sorry thats true for 8.0 you got gepard and not WW2 wehicle i know it is like this a long time but its dont work at all. Other nations have something better at this point on mutch low br its sad that gaijin dont give more attantion to old vet players same as new who are in disadvantage.


The “Coelian” / “Flakpanzer 341” (Flakpanzer Gerät 554) was only made as a conversion of the Panther D, with a wooden mockup turret fitting the 3,7cm Flugabwehrkanone Gerät 341 (later known as 3,7cm Fla.K. 44).
The “Ostwind II” was reported to be made in whole by Ostbau, but no photographs exist.

I understand the wanting for it, but the devs have made it clear that they won’t bring it back. The Maus on the other hand has come back before, so who knows.

Even if that’s true, there are too many counter-examples of less than historically accurate additions to WT, even recently. The Japanese never had F-16s.

And if we accept your argument then why should the vehicles not be removed for all players? The only answer is that it would be unfair. Fairness is at the root of this discussion, not historical accuracy.


The developers stated that they added the “F-16AJ” in its fictional state as “there is no other options”, Germany has other options as you see in-game. Other examples exist that aren’t in-game too, but the trust in their existence is similar to that of the “Ostwind II”.

I agree in that the F-16 in the Japanese tree is countering the historical accuracy focus, but using that as the gateway to just add anything isn’t a good idea. Personally, I’d be all for the “Coelian” returning in its intended production model, on a Panther G or F chassis, but I’m just relaying historical information and what the developers have stated their intentions are/were.

Relaying is fine. I’m just saying that it doesn’t make any sense. Parroting dev responses to some of these issues isn’t particularly helpful as some of them are just non-nonsensical. I agree that we shouldn’t use the F-16AJ as a gateway to fake vehicles, but so long as fake vehicles are implemented in the game, it’s just unfair to let some players have them and not others.

I’m hoping that the community comes together on some of these issues to point out the illogical arguments that the devs have made in order to come to a fairer resolution.

Can’t have a wooden mockup, can’t have a Maus, can’t have a Tiger ll, can’t have a Panther ll but here’s 40.000 ton of magic and fairy dust Kronstadt because reasons.


Definitely. Getting a clear rule system set up for implementing vehicles in various forms needs to be done.

I believe that’s a similar situation to the F-16AJ. If nothing else fits the spot, the developers will fabricate something into filling the spot.
Not saying I agree, but the logic is there.
I’m worried to see what the naval trees that are yet to be added will look like, given the addition of the Kronstadt.

There’s also a very large amount of “mutant” vehicles present in-game, in fictional outfits which merge multiple real outfits. The T25 prototype is a good example, being a mix of two prototypes.

I don’t play naval enough to know if the Kronstadt was so absolutely necessary that it needed to be made up.
And sure the Panther ll and KT 105 were added to fill a gap, a gap that has never really been filled and we’re back to where we were so they can add the Panther ll and KT 105 again to fill the same gap again by their logic.

As for the Maus, there has never been an explanation as to why it got removed and no justification for it, beyond ‘‘its difficult to balance’’ but then you can delete have the vehicles in the game.
Taking one of the most iconic vehicles out of the game and just using it as bait for events and whatnot because they’re too lazy to create something new is still a major point of frustration.

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I don’t either, but I do know that Russia is lacking with historical examples of the larger vessels.

The gap isn’t that much of an issue now, but they could definitely be brought back for gameplay reasons. I’d prefer them to correct them a bit before doing that though, but that’s not really relevant.

The hiding of the Maus for balance is understandable in my opinion. It’s heavily armoured, slow, and has powerful weaponry. If it goes down, it’s invincible. If it goes up, or stays where it is, it gets defeated easily by post-war ammunition such as HEAT-FS. Since the addition of such ammo at lower BRs it’s become an issue for more vehicles. But as you rightly say, many vehicles suffer similar problems. They just aren’t as iconic. The only real way to “solve” it is to consider further de-compression of battle ratings, and add vehicles of similar performance is such exist. Which links back to the problem about fictional/paper vehicles.
It’s a lose-lose, but still, it’d probably be best for it to be available for all, in a similar way to the OS2U - which was locked in a way that implied the vehicle was hard to use. Some sort of notification that the Maus will likely suffer in matches would probably be the way to go if it were re-added to the tree.

NATO also lacks SPAA equal to the Pantsir so I’ll be very interested to see what magical thing they will get to compete then, as that would be the logical thing to do if this is their approach, only a matter of time right?.. right?

I don’t see how that is understandable, it’s difficult to balance due to 10 years of BR compression and you can easily find a hundred vehicles that are difficult to balance because of it, yet out of thousands of vehicles in the game somehow it was ONLY the Maus that was special or different enough to be removed?

All they had to do was put it in a folder behind the Jagdtiger, which is also difficult to balance, just like the IS-3s and whatnot which are no different, and let the player decide if they wanted to grind it or not.

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There are plenty of vehicles which are difficult to play and straight-up suck to play. I still like having them in-game.

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They should give NATO captured Russian pantsirs and KA-52s XD