Fixing the TTD's modules

this link gives all the information on the TTD that is public information it gets 3rd gen thermals
gaijoob fix


Aside from the TTD missing the proper thermals it is egregiously missing it’s coax or roof mounted machine guns. The armor’s specifics are still classified but being able to stop any 125mm shells as of the very early 90’s is magnitudes better than what is present in game. Given Gaijin’s current proclivity to give vehicles their planned armament and technology, looking at primarily the Yak-141 and F-16AJ, the TTD could be armed with the 120mm which the production model would have possessed.

Rant over, but this gorgeous prototype doesn’t get the love it deserves.


Also, it has the wrong engine sound. Over a year ago they changed it to the Centurion’s engine sound, which sounds nothing like the 1250hp diesel engine it has.

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Adding on to the list, it seems that it also included an anti spalling layer to reduce the chance of ricocheting shrapnel


They say somewhere the “enemy” it would be facing is the T72M and in game it cannot stop the T72M 420mm pen dart or the 440mm pen dart

Fellas, please provide either one primary or two secondary sources and create a Bug Report. I’d like to see the TTD fully operational as much as the next man.