Fixing the new "event" schedule

The new event schedule is rather on brand for Gaijin. They claim to have listened to the community complaints about not being able to get every vehicle during an event (which only really applied to the horrid crafting events) so now instead we get events so frequent that most people won’t be able to do them anyway.

I’m creating this post purely to have my complaints submitted in writing.

First of all we got an event connected to chinese new years and themed accordingly, but we’re getting a russian prototype tank. So already there we got the first major flaw.
Beyond that running constant events is gonna put a serious strain on the playerbase, which in turn will probably cause some people to throw money at these events, which is undoubtedly the whole point, but running a freemium game requires a delicate balance between fanservice and business.

One way to potentially fix this whole eventgate mess would be to revert to something more akin to the events ran a few years ago. We got the IS-2 No.321 as a reward for earning 35k over a weekend for victory day. And the Hurricane Mk.1/L FAA M from the 80th anniversary of the battle of britain event.
Creating these smaller events would boost player engagement and would still allow gaijin to do some minor monetisation for wallet warriors and whales who don’t necessarily want to grind

Another idea is to remove the daily reset and similarly to the Victory Day event have a total score required over a period of time awarding the vehicle to anyone who achieves it at the end of the event.

Running events as frequent as they’re planning basically turns them into a battlepass and we already got that to earn them a nice stack of cash every 2 months