Fixing 279 downtiering clubbing and other br related issues


Currently with the new cold war vehicles being put up in br, many of them are facing tuffer oponents like the object279.
The solution to this issue would not be to increase the obj 279’s battlerating as it will just cause the 279 to face 10.0 vehicles which have much improved technology against it and simply making it terrible to play.
The way to solve this problem which the rank five tanks are currently facing would be to reduce the br uptier and downtier range from 1 br to 0.7 br.

The response to this has usually been that it would cause qeue times to take longer, but in all honesty majority of players would prefer to have a more balanced match than an unbalanced match with shorter qeue time.
With the large amount of players nowdays which sometimes goes past 160k i dont believe players would mind longer qeue times for a better match.


I agree. As they’ve done a half assed job sorting out the BRs.

Playing the Ho-Ri production (WW2), nothing has changed except in a full up tier I’m now facing even more post war vehicles in the condensed 7.7 - 8.3. No idea how it isn’t at least on par with the Elefphant, Jagdtiger, etc.

I think limiting the BR spread to 0.7 is a bad idea, for a couple reasons.

  1. It’s cheap and easy – Proper decompression will be way better than just limiting the BR spread to 0.7. It will be more through, better balanced, and it will also help with decompression. Doing the easiest solution is not good, when the compression is that bad of an issue.

2.It’s more confusing – The 0.7 BR spread isnt even 0.7 all the time, its sometimes 0.6. This will be confusing to new players, and mess with everything else, including SP cost.

  1. 0.7 BR spread allows for less fine tuning of a BR – It only allows 1 BR bracket to have 3 levels, rather than 4 levels.

Half the 8.0s can lolpen the 279, people just need to get use to facing it again.
Just as 7.0s can easily deal with Maus when used by good players.
And 6.7s can even kill Maus, such as T26E5.

Remember russian heavies are not hard to balance ))))

I agree with this method, perhaps this can be expanded to all vehicles.

Oh yes, the problem is this tank can face 7.7 tanks. Let me how is fair face OPject 279 in tanks like Caernarvon, Maus or T32…

Agreed. Facing the 279 in my Leopard I and Turm 3 has been… grin to say the least. Non-penning most of the time, and even if I do disable them, they tend to just mg me to death.

T32 can pen Obj 279.
Haven’t checked with Maus’s APCBCDS round.

TURM 3 has HEATFS last I checked, I recommend using it.

The problem is the HEATFS does the equivalent of pelting your enemy with a small rocks. Even when it does something, they have 14.5’s (or are they 12.7’s? Not sure.) and those just shred the Turm 3 to bits and pieces.

I’m absolutely clueless how that made it to 7.3 after it was nerfed 10 times over at 6.7.

Their favorite dead horse to beat is the Type 89 though, waiting to see how they’ll nerf it again and make it 9.0 next time, it keeps going further and further downhill.

Latest nerf to the missiles was insane as well.

Maus can frontally pen Obj 279 if it is unangled. You just have to be very precise, while the Obj doesn’t need to. That is a completely standard reality when facing heavies 1BR higher than yours. Think Jumbo vs Tiger II, for example.

im buy object 279 and gaijin 30 day go up the 9.0 and the tank vs all 10.0 unusable all 9.0+ tank oneshot me and me shot enemi no penetration very very good thx gaijin and all 7.7 kill the ovject