Fixes needed for heli arcade/sim mode

PLEASE FIX SOON(or add to roadmap). While playing helicopter simulator battler this whole summer for my first times there are some major game breaking issues that need to be dealt with asap. I cant get the list started without saying the

SPAA NEEDS TO BE TUNED DOWN LIKE 30-40% I’m dodging bots better then most players and still struggle a lot(most helis get only rockets to start)!!!

FIRST repair cost is way to high if u grind 30 min and get an average score(considering distance and player count) it will be 10-20k SL earned and if u die that’s 10-15K SL lost(but in ground RB its 3-5k).

SECOND the SPAA or a base will spawn under you (sometimes right after destroying the base there) and then u die and gotta burn more SL.

THIRD there is not enough tanks or ground units if everyone is clumping together(6-10 players) around 20 ground units that’s not enough points for everyone to profit. HONESTY there needs to be more objectives as a whole or less players in each match. EITHER DOUBLE THE SPAWN RATE OF EVERYTHING OR HALF THE PLAYER COUNT IN THE LOBBIES.

FOURTH please increase rewards from this mode by 20-40% (like u did for every other game mode in the last few updates).

FIFTH please add 2 capture points (if u want 10 person lobbies) and sometimes the bases will stop re spawning or take 15-30 min.(which wastes our time as there is almost nothing to destroy)

SIXTH when using WASD and pulling hard i let go and my keyboard isn’t stuck but the heli keeps turning so I crash and loose SL or you are auto tabbed out for what feels like no reason and crash.

I was playing recentley and during a cap a convoy got 9.5k feet (just under range) and sniped me when I’m at ground level.
How are helis with only 4-6 ATGMs that have ranges from 6-9k feet supposed to learn how to use them if the spaa just snipes them.
And units going underwater or through terrain/structures in the cities is an issue.

they will never make it better because nobody cares about this mode