FIXED player controlled AAA at control points in Ground Realistic Battles

I have an idea for improved AAA in GRB, i believe it could work and will encourage team work.

Fixed AAA at a capture point that is able to spam flack into high altitude just like in the movies. 1 per capture point and only works while you have control of said capture point, you simple enter capture point if you have control and enter AAA and your tank stays where it is, you can enter and ĺeave AAA as you please.
If the enemy captures the CAP you return to your tank, if your tank is destroyed you can select form your line up like normal. You could also make it that only players in SPAA can do so. Battle maps that have 3 capture points could have 1 each, or just B, domination maps will just have 1. It also can be made destructible and is repaired after capture

The flak only needs to be strong enough to damage bombers and fighter to scare them off or force them to land and repair, it does not need to be OP like the AAA at airfields in ARB. Also could make it researched as a module in SPAA to be able to do so as it would be an element in game that can not be purchased and limited to 1 per cap or map.

On some maps there is iteams scatterd around that resemble artillery or fixed AAA near cap’s, these could be used.

In europe there are concrete bunkers in the mountians still in place today that used to have AAA on top.

The idea would i believe encourage team work as the team holding the CAP would need to protect it or lose it to the enemy instead of running to enemy spawn to camp and have more chance of being destroyed by cas

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Or just feckless AI guns who switch sides depending on who controls the cap.


I dont like the idea of adding AI to a pvp game, but just like in ARB there will be those crying its to strong etc, so inthink it should be skilled based

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I mean we used to have that, AI controlled guns, AI controlled tanks, a dynamic D point… somehow the game lost any and all interest in adding something new and we only lost features, Break and Skirmish another one.


Then play an SPAA. This is supposed to be Ground realistic. Tank crews did not jump down and run over to man AA guns.
The stated intent here is to reduce the effect of CAS in ground games right? Not create a game mode.

Are you sure irl that no one rushed to an AAA gun. The idea is not to creat another game mode but to add stronger AAA than spaa, with out making spaa op. I have only mentioned adding limited numbers of 1 to 3 at max

Very sure. Would you know how to operate a Flak 88 if one suddenly landed in your front yard?

You are asking Gaijin to create user playable, with all the functionality, camera view, and animations, AAA guns…

In my idea i have suggested that only SPAA be able to do so if need be.

Gaijin likes to model stuff they have been doing a fantastic job of it so far apart fron using tank gun sights on SPAA 😜 its your idea to add animations, which im very confident gaijin could do with there eyes shut

To be fair, it wouldnt be the most effecient but it should be somewhat similar to whatever tank you just got out of.

Issue with gaijin ai is that they never balance it. Their ai will either overperform or do nothing

Issue with gaijin ai is that they never balance it. Their ai will either overperform or do nothing

Becuase they’re lazy, they refuse to spend time on stuff that doesn’t generate money, the fact helicopters get freaking cosmetic AA is insane to me.

Yeah, they could remove the forward heli pad and turn on the aa for the rear one.

I dont doubt they could fix ai if they spent the time to do so.

How difficult can it be, the problems are pretty obvious where they got to reduce the range of the AA or further remove the helipad from the battlefield, alternatively have an inaccurate long range AA and accurate short range AA… nothing you can’t figure out in a few hours if they actually cared.

I’ve been thinking the same lately, the forward helipad AA is extremely annoying not only does it target drones but it gives away the location of the helipad on the map, which makes it easier to spot where helicopters will come from, same for jets. It just gives you away.

The forward helipad should have SAMs that shoot enemy helicopters that loiter close to it.

Might be a 2, 3 or even 4 man job to operate

I like the idea, because you don’t have to lose your tank to use AA, unlike switching to SPAA. It would also make capture point legit point of interest, not just arbitrary objective. I also like the idea, to make use of those around the map, it could make them nice minor objectives, if they would not be tied to ticket system, but still provide something.

Another option would be an ability similar to artillery barrage. It could also be available only, when you have captured aa nearby.

Placed ability, where you could designate a big column that would get saturated with flak. It could be balanced with delay, duration, size, cooldown, etc. Similar to artillery it wouldn’t be too powerful and would serve mainly to deny an area to aircraft or hit them, if they fly into it.

There should be a stance made on these ‘suggestions’ being lodged in the discussions section to avoid the approval method of the suggestions section…

The sheer spam this sort of thing is causing is really compounding.

This already esists.
Not sure if you were around or participated in the Sturntiger event, but that’s exactly what we had. So yes, that can be added.

Indeed! It’s supposed to be GROUND realistic.
For some odd reason I can’t jump into a tank or a truck or a SPAA when I play Air RB, but I can bring a helicopter or a plane in Ground RB.

It would be great if Gaijin at some point realizes this and renames the mode in Combined Arms…

The other reason, and this is the basic underlying issue that triggered this suggestion/idea in the first place is the complete lack of balance between CAS and the actual ground forces.
Instead of Gaijin fixing the basic issue we try to doctor on the sympthoms and add more AAA so we can eventually play a ground battle.

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Just move along, not like you and ulq lover arguing is not spam and your off topic and selfish 😜 , also there ss nothing wrong with discussing an idea to test the waters, but its also a learning tool for new players who need to understand how WT works. Edit: Doc u are sad individual

You do not play as a tank crew. Silly comment

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Dont mention artillery, thats the other (cough)