Fix when the ammo catching fire , cant be put out

Happening quite a lot lately from cas spammers . And I can’t anything about it but stay there a sitting duck and die.

Fix this god damn stupid thing from happening again . Why having FPE at this point if not going to put out a fire , ffs!

U cant put out ammo fire, don’t cry

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Your reply lmao

You’re a man with a fork in a soup world buddy

Well, you know that you really dont put out ammo fire. FPE works on engine/ fuel fire.
Blow out panels job is completed when your tank looks like roman candle on new years eve. Crew ( if not hit) gets out from tank, and now they can pull out sausages from backpacks and start bbq party.
But on wt, you turn your turret pointing left or right , keep that burn out on top of engine so you wont lit rest of your poor freedome on fire, and wait untill all your explosive material has burned out, or(and) drive to a Cap, repair and rearm.

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