Fix the rendering already!

This is just one Ducing example of how Ducked up the rendering is. Clear ducking line of sight, no obstacles, just tank sitting on top of the hill and rendering decides “NOPE. You will not see him”.

It happens again and again to the point it’s infuriating. Clear road with no obstacles? The enemy tank does not render. Just a wired fence between you and the enemy? Nope, not going to render. Enemy sitting in the field with no cover or smoke within 200 meters? What? You wanted him redered?

I believe this is not just my problem and this should not happen regardless of what graphics settings you use let alone when playing on the maxed-out settings!


I encounter this very often too, I heard from people in the game that it is due to the anti cheat system, but the strange thing is that some day’s the game is unplayable for me and other days it is like everything works fine.
Today even I had multiple occacions where I shot directly at the side of a tank and it went straight through like it wasn’t there, also happened with rockets. I think this has to do with the same fault issue.

To be hones, I am with my hands in my hair about it as I can’t find a solution from my end. And my girlfriend complains at me for my complaining about it in game XD

Please someone know a solution :)

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Get a better modem and internet connection.